Website optimization promotion website directory submission papers

Quality first,

issued by www.jlwlyx贵族宝贝, please indicate the

webmaster you know how many kinds of method for the construction of the chain? Or just stay in the exchange chain? Or free classified information publishing platform, or blog group built, forum signature links with these rings? Will when the webmaster should know. In fact, we have a kind of method is through the website directory to do the construction of the chain, and this method is very important for Shanghai dragon. Often go to Internet cafes that are aware of a lot of the time we open the IE browser’s default homepage is a web directory, like 360 site navigation, and earlier hao123, is a directory of the web site a lot of traffic, the author come to tell you to submit the preparatory work before the

fifth, website title to formal, not to stack keywords in the title, there can be serious advertising marks, because of the high quality directory of the site title is the formal requirements of high. The best use of your company name or official website.

second, check whether the normal operation of the website, whether all the pages can be opened, remember what 404 errors do not, can not connect the server, the site is under construction in secondary phenomenon, it will affect the site directory included.

Design of

third, the web page should be nice, do not pay attention to the design of the web page content again good website directory editor will not attract eyeball, because this kind of site is a manual review submitted, as is the search engine grab, you submitted will be included.

In this paper,

sixth, the description of the website, don’t oversell, to introduce the site from an objective point of view, because the directory editor is very disgusted with those who brag about the practice website.

fourth, on your site should have a clear company or webmaster contact, no contact way not to mention one white. The reason for this is that some directory site is required. No address and telephone contact a rate not included.

first consider different web site directory included different standard, are required to pay for the request to add links to sites on its home page, here I introduce to you is to submit a site directory to do before submission.

I believe that as long as you remember the above six said in the submission of web directory process will not be shut out, so the webmaster how they spend more time to prepare in advance, it will greatly improve the site included rate, it twice.

web site directory the higher requirements of the higher degree of the original web content for example, whether it is junk news station or through the acquisition of the site, these are included outside the site directory, because it affects the user experience, can not bring real value to the web site directory.


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