The website snapshot does not update the content update date inquiry

snapshot update date and extract the contents of

this blog theme is more than fighting last month with the theme in the new year’s day has replaced the theme now, as shown below:

theory, Yu bucket blog updated snapshot, and even crawl content updates, but why snapshot preview is lagging behind? This question is very interesting, I have not met before the fight, the encounter, simply to explore, the following points are more than fighting personal speculation, not quite correct, what we can put together the research objection.



snapshot preview display


Dou found a very strange phenomenon: Yu Dou personal blog snapshots are updated every day, but it was found that the snapshot preview is a long time ago, and not immediately.

!But recently more than


, a website, the title change

so, Yu bucket guess is not because of the site’s frequent changes to cause the snapshot error, each new Shanghai grab or new love will check ", its importance and its timeliness value at different speeds to create index according to the snapshot update usually said at index time, often for some important updates page, love Shanghai will create an index at a faster rate. But for some frequent changes in the website, "

The actual content of Shanghai

is more than the bucket blog updated snapshot, you can see the next update, and extract the content is more than just fighting blog article yesterday, love Shanghai really spider grabbed the page content, but the love we will find:

Yu Dou blog made a big change in late 2012, the first is to change the keywords, keywords for second day Shanghai is updated, there is no effect, the snapshot is normal, then a few days before the new year’s day, to achieve more than fighting because many blogs, previous theme too simple, can not change the theme. After the replacement of the theme, but also has updated snapshot date, but I seldom go to the bucket preview, only recently discovered, the preview update is not a new topic, or the old theme, but the site’s home page content or crawl, we see the first chart will know.

Yu bucket in the process does not value this one usual optimization snapshot, love Shanghai webmaster community had also published a statement on "love Shanghai" snapshot problem some explains, with pointed out that love Shanghai is how to update a website snapshot, snapshot update, here is not to fight more than one by one. Are interested can go to love Shanghai webmaster community data area to see

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