The third generation of search 360 is this a joke

information search on micro-blog official said, is to set up 1st anniversary anniversary in August 16th 360 search, 360 search will release two heavyweight product, and vowed to "notice" that "this search will subvert the industry rules". I saw the micro-blog, then the excited ah, thought that so declared that it will be how awesome product ah, so eager waiting for the arrival of second days.

See you in August 15th 360

: the first user will actively participate in the evaluation of

obviously not! Now just started, 360 got a prize to attract people with red tomato, this behavior can be understood as the basic education in the user, tell the user several colors of tomato represents what meaning, have what kind of color of tomato website is good, after what the search time see tomatoes will know is how a situation; of course, can also play a role to guide the user to evaluate the page, improve evaluation output. The first such activities do not always do it, even if it is always going on, the user.

is such a thing, 360 people called it the "third generation search", they are so called Daniel, so call, I have, naturally not refute what. But always hand cheap and good at the make blind and disorderly conjectures I couldn’t help writing this article, the basic purpose is that of the so-called "third generation search" view, first of all, that attitude, August 16th fool’s day, but I think 360 is a joke (not understand is what mean? Well, I mean, look at the failure of products), the reasons are as follows:

well, the afternoon of August 16th, the so-called "third generation search – I search" things finally surfaced, this is what a high-tech products? Simply: is the user can evaluate a website to the website, the score will be 360 points, search a website ranking in the calculation of weights considered inside, thus affecting the search ranking results, and the search results will clearly identify a website of praise rate, as for what the red tomato, green tomatoes, just a name of carrier, no practical significance.

later in the day, CTRL CTRL news burst out, this product really makes me a surprise, because there are other search engines engaged in similar products as before, but they are not like the 360 that has a mass of installed capacity of the client products. This double click the CTRL search box on the desktop that stuff anyway, in my opinion, it is convenient to update, 360 security guards have this function (you don’t update, it will automatically help you update), double-click the CTRL can search. Well, in general, the best things were finally burst out, the search box on the desktop, double-click the CTRL that is a good stuff, then the second heavyweight product the more powerful! So I hope the results second days the mood is even more urgent.


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