Seen four a m Google on O2O decided to be a wave of entrepreneurs

from 2005 to now, Ann Xinghua happened to catch up with the Internet, mobile Internet, O2O, consumption upgrade several startup wave. Here’s his story.


the forright capital (freesvc) I is authorized to release an oral

dark horse, Xinghua

in March 2010, I was on a business trip in switzerland. A little more than one night, I suddenly received a message from the Google headquarters for an emergency meeting. Google learned to put most of the business, the withdrawal of Chinese, all my people are ignorant. I ordered a glass of wine downstairs, silent for half an hour.

Google and my fate, it’s a long story.

I am from Henan, Zhengzhou, when we are generally poor children, but the railway transport is very rich, the railway children’s school conditions are good. I was very lucky, when the primary school grade two had a computer at home, very early contact programming. My high school to participate in the international computer Olympiad won the bronze medal, was sent to the Tsinghua University.

in 2001, after graduating from Tsinghua University, I went to the United States, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Southern California. Because my major is the database direction, after graduation, I joined the world’s largest database software company Oracle, as Oracle database engineer.


Oracle, the engineer 3 months of development, 9 months to test the pace of work makes me a little crazy. I heard from the brothers there, "Google’s people are very smart, very interesting to come and play", and decided to join Google.

in 2005, I was 28 years old and ended up working at Oracle, joining Google headquarters. My work number is around 10 thousand. I chose to feel very interesting GEO group (Google maps, earth and other product groups), which is Google in addition to search and advertising outside the largest sector.

at that time, Google is still very small, we are very motivated, we have seen a lot of Silicon Valley at 4 in the morning, the big boss of the weekend and we also work together to eat pizza pancake. We worked so hard, and then we realized that our stock was going up and down.

at that time the domestic market Baidu, Tencent and other Internet Co began to rise, Google brewing to open up the Chinese market. We often discuss all sorts of gossip Google translated into what is Chinese.

2006, Google officially decided to enter the Chinese market with the identity of "Google China". Google China’s first office in Chang’an Avenue Xinhua Insurance Mansion, and later moved to Tsinghua side, when the headquarters every day and the Chinese team to open a conference call communication. >

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