Focus on analytical website ranking stable after three aspects

many webmaster all know, site at the early stage of the work is the focus of the chain and the original text above, then, when your website ranking stable before and after the stable, whether we should take such as for friends of the chain, the chain, write text, blog etc. as the center of the work, of course not. The author thinks that the chain is equivalent to some basic, when you hit the web based, ranking and stability, your focus will change, not blindly to send the chain.

your products to be sold, what is the premise? Many people may say is the flow that only half of that, traffic is good, but traffic is not sales representative. This is a lot of website of Shanghai Longfeng personnel pay particular attention to the place, when your site has been ranked, and every day there is a lot of traffic, but why still no sales, the answer is very simple, because what you are attracted by the traffic? Key words are big lead over, no subdivision. By mining the long tail keywords to improve our website segments, so the flow from is directed to the customer, also will have to buy.


first, the product of long tail keywords mining

keyword is not the mining, Chinese Chinese characters is broad and profound, how can make you a little webmaster to finish mining, you say it, you say you dig much, is that you use tools and methods used is too little. For example, you can use the identity of a user to think of the long tail word, now many people love Shanghai as long as there are problems will go to search, so you to a prospective customer’s identity to think, think of a lot of long tail word, and you can according to your flow statistics statistical tools out of key words is a looking for the source of. So for the long tail keywords or many.

second, the user experience of

you know, love Shanghai more and more attention to the user experience on the one hand, whether your website will have to buy, if you can have sales, with your site experience is closely linked. A focus on user experience even if the website optimization is again good, your website ranking did not matter. I had a website done is because they do not pay attention to the user experience this together, and loved Shanghai relentless drop right now, because love Shanghai visits your site for spiders, more attention is the bounce rate of your website, PV etc.. For the user experience, the key lies in the interaction between the user and the interactive, well, go to see your site will be every day, so you PV every day will go up. Excellent website promotion personnel like me, are ignored by.

so the webmaster, especially beginners webmaster will ask, and ranking stability after the center of my work in where? Is Shanghai Longfeng work even if the end? In fact wrong, your work has just begun, today I take a is over people’s identity to help you analysis, website ranking stable work center.

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