How to understand the weight of the chain correlation and universality

. A love Shanghai chain reduce reflections on


what is the chain? Chain refers to from other websites into their own websites (Note: this link includes hyperlinks, Web links, anchor text links), and the link is a very important process for the website optimization, directly determines the quality of incoming links to our website in search engine ranking in Shanghai, want to love in the search rankings, Shanghai dragon ER to fight is the quality and quantity of the chain. Fuzhou Shanghai Longfeng green soft _ planning will be with you in Shanghai dragon ER share their understanding of foreign chain:


1. exchange Links chain: the best link source, webmaster all know, Links is the first chain.

love Shanghai!The chain

Shanghai dragon ER’s job is to optimize the corresponding website in search engines have a good rankings. In Shanghai dragon ER passed this saying the station structure and content optimization is the foundation, the construction of the station is the key chain.

2.BBS forum chain and the signature of the chain: the most love is to A5, CHINAZ, IM286, Shanghai dragon WHY, TUI18,28TUI website forum signature, leave the chain, the effect is good.

3. blog or the third party space chain: independent blog may is a good place for the text of the chain, not only can leave the chain and the original ranking may be also good, affordable. Friendship prompt: love Shanghai space do not do the chain optimization, extremely easy to be closed


is often seen on the network to love Shanghai update today, most website ranking drop "such adjustment according to the analysis, think it is very interesting! Website ranking but on you I was 0, you stand, I stood on a, where the vast majority of website ranking drop

two. A review of the Shanghai dragon ER publishing platform outside the chain of common: a Shanghai dragon ER main work every day on the two: write soft Wen and the chain, then the Shanghai dragon ER chain channels of what

February 24th, a careless mistakes in love Shanghai database, let many so-called experts call love Shanghai Shanghai dragon ER algorithm changes, talk about some outside chain useless; unfortunately afternoon love Shanghai database returned to normal, the chain site we returned to normal, the chain of events caused a lot of thinking in Shanghai dragon ER! Shanghai Dragon ER usually how to do the chain to reach Shanghai love no matter how the algorithm, but also stabilize the website ranking, even forward every time love Shanghai ranking update.

5. encyclopedia editors entry reference chain.

4. article comments or blog message board: the chain simple short time can easily increase a lot, but a lot of comments on the article or blog message board "nofollow", hair also useless.

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