Network planning through the observation of love Shanghai billboard learning network programming


I love Shanghai daily attention Billboard’s list, today suddenly found this list also has certain internal logic, this is we won’t notice a thing. This article discuss the logic behind this list. To understand why there will be more people to pay attention to these topics. The first piece of today’s list of figure


we are more concerned about is the effective combination of

is a topic of concern, the number of audience and the topic. It is easier to form more concerned about the number of topics, most of the real life of the audience is associated.

third topics Usagi is not much, this topic is of practical relevance and I, but as a southerner, such as Cantonese, I will pay special attention to this matter, because of the contact with the arrival of Usagi my actual life. His audience is south of the coastal people.

ios7 is the first topic about Apple’s operating system. See the back of the search index is 853370, is our mobile phone operating system commonly used tools, and more people with Apple Mobile phone. So it can attract a large number of search, which we can understand. The number of the real audience. Attention of the crowd is determined.

is a hot topic, there must be behind a specific audience, as a particular group of audience, will have a topic, how hot, see the audience base, and their actual life related procedures.

between the topic and the audience

by the above analysis, we know that each hot topic with back audience relationship. They are connected. It is shown by a hot topic. However, we observe these topics, you will find that they are a bright spot, for example, ios7 is the Apple operating system code. Bo Xilai is a political struggle on behalf of. It is said on behalf of the typhoon damage. And these are our name familiar. It is easy for people to remember. So, when we start, is also the logic behind the same? This is our products on behalf of the audience.

second subject Bo Xilai, the Chinese people all know. Why can the search index is less than IOS7, although we all know, but fewer people and fewer people contact their actual life. I use Apple mobile phone, I take care of its operating system. I will search for understanding of the operating system. Although I know that the Bo Xilai case, but the association and I didn’t what ah, just look at the bustling with.


then we each topic analysis continues, will draw a conclusion that each topic there are a group of specific audience. For example, Apple users, for example, lawyers, such as the Guangdong coast, such as Tang Wei’s fans, as well as buyers taste doll. These topics and more with their real life related, the more they will pay attention to, or even more likely will be marketing.

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