A beginners learning log Shanghai Dragon

every day I can send five hundred or six hundred. But I still don’t really understand what is Shanghai dragon. I have my teacher. They told me that. You as I teach you to do. At the same time, I also read the "love Shanghai Optimization Guide 2" file. It can be said that he is one of our Shanghai dragon industry golden laws and precious rules. I read all three times.

editor on me. I do in there for two and a half months >

One month after

second weeks

began to send the chain. I do not know what is outside the chain, I spent two hours to know that the chain is what. For a week before the account registration, I can easily know where to send the article. But I still do not know what is the character signature, our director said that as long as you could click on it. I have to study what is how to do. Later I found that is false character signature, but really silly very naive. So I send the chain, one a month.

sixth weeks

I do Shanghai dragon is a teacher with me, or I will not do Shanghai Longfeng, someone is good, I remember the first day I went to work, my teacher in my training. I was listening to the foggy. Don’t know what is URL, layout etc.. The first day I do, is to go to the forum registration account. The teacher gave me 300 forums let me go to the registered account. So I signed up for a week. Shanghai dragon are visible as bitter. Every day I get very tangled. But I still insist on down. Share with you a little trick. Registered account to choose the Google browser, a tool for automatic filling inside it, very practical. You can save a lot of work. To improve work efficiency.

at this time for me to do what I do? Editor. Our industry to update every day, a lot of content. I very honored to join the editor inside. It also has relationship with my teacher. He said you should grow up you have to contact all processes. I like this in a department inside the rangers.

can send the chain a lot of my time. But I’m not a lifetime is where I send the chain. At that time my teacher just tell me how to do it, but didn’t tell me why, I do not know is not more fortunate than others?

first week

I was a rookie to Shanghai dragon, now I have six months from the beginning of learning Shanghai dragon. The six months I spent and how I grew up in the six months of Shanghai Phoenix on the road. To explain, as a beginner, the mentality is very important. I started to learn Shanghai dragon is full of passion. After learning a month I have passion. The mentality is very important, do Shanghai dragon early greedy black, must learn to adjust their attitude.

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