Here is a set of Li Kaifu produced a successful package to set a taste

I just came back from Silicon Valley and saw some of the American phenomenon. I think that from 0 to 1, as well as the "lean entrepreneurship", these two books are very classic, and in the United States Silicon Valley is particularly appropriate. There are some special opportunities and challenges in China, if these ideas to do a supplement to these two books, may be entrepreneurs will have a better chance of success in china.

first we look at the world today has brought subversive role of the Internet, our daily life has been completely subverted. If you don’t believe you can imagine yourself back to ten years ago, saw a ten years ago, your iPhone or Android to the man, look at WeChat and hungry using and so on, will not let ten years ago you think this person is crossing over from science fiction, I think the answer is yes.

why do we see so much subversion? The Internet is very great, it has the greatest role to the intermediary, flat, equality, etc..

let us take a look at the business from the Internet to bring us the opportunity and space for entrepreneurs.

Internet has broken the unfair phenomenon of vertical market in the past. In the past there may be many monopolies, perhaps because of the brand or the scale advantage or information asymmetry etc. reason to monopoly. This monopoly may be a regional monopoly, such as Shanghai, Shandong, may also be a monopoly or monopoly of information asymmetry, we believe that a taxi company or a particular restaurant. But the advent of the Internet, in fact, the entire market flat. All is a very low cost expansion, the country as a regional point of view. If this is not particularly clear, you just have to think about the impact of Taobao’s own regional business in various places.

but the opportunities of the future are actually creating a new monopoly. Every business opportunity, every opportunity to spend, and the use of every service can be subverted. The characteristics of the Internet, the left is to disperse a lot of small markets, such as supermarkets, bookstores, shops into a huge unified perfectly competitive market. From the perspective of information asymmetry and break the monopoly, but it is actually a new monopoly. The right can be seen in the past information asymmetry, and now the transaction match and speed to break the bad phenomenon, and there are more standardized needs, very low exchange transactions into the threshold. These things make the Internet from a commercial point of view, to break the unfair monopoly of the past, but the opportunity to provide a new monopoly. This is a phenomenon that every Internet entrepreneur needs to deeply understand.

from the global point of view, the Internet is certainly the United States, if we look at today’s market value. The United States accounts for about 2/3 of the world’s Internet Co, with China accounting for about 1/3 of the remaining $2/3. So China now is a good situation in spare no effort to catch up. In the past five to ten years, China has moved from a small world

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