5 years of experience sharing website optimization optimization

4, the website program design is good, do not rush to do on-line, the content of the website, the content of high quality can make the search engine quickly collected and put out several new sites, the second is basically collected and put out the love of Shanghai to put out. The author here by the way, the site later, if the record should be filed, site on the domestic benefits in foreign countries, for example, harm, website open speed is slow, the spatial stability is not guaranteed, which is likely to cause the whole program, the database is lost, I hope to attract the attention of the webmaster friends.

6, the chain of time, don’t do the chain to do outside the chain, to stand in the user’s perspective, "

5, website optimization updates is a must, when we write the contents of the time, to stand in the user’s perspective to write an article, write high quality articles. The user experience is the core of the website optimization, if you lose the core, other methods are not long, this a little hope to attract the attention of the webmaster friends. I surf the website optimization network 贵族宝贝surfphp Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝/ always adhere to the user experience as the core, so the website weight basically is very stable, keyword ranking basically no very large fluctuations in the.

Hello, this two days have been busy, I did not write the article, today I share my experience for the website optimization for 5 years, hope to the webmaster friends help with search engine optimization, intense competition, increasing the workload of website optimization, the purpose of writing this article, I hope to let the webmaster friends less detours, enter the right track, there is a good ranking.

1, website optimization must register a good domain name, domain name to be fast, to stabilize the DNS domain name, not often a problem, relatively large impact on the site optimization. There is a good domain name suffix, as is贵族宝贝,.Cn.net and other commonly used domain name suffix. The author here incidentally, domain name registration and a skill, is the domain name as short as possible, the good domain can reduce the workload of the chain, is very helpful for website optimization.

2, a stable, fast website optimization space is necessary, if there is no stable space, can not carry out website optimization. The author here by the way, whether your space is stable, must often backup database and program, in case that there are no database procedures, resulting in fatal loss.

3, in the stage of website design and development, we must fully consider the Shanghai dragon skills, to make the structural layout of the site, the website links can not static pseudo static, pseudo static dynamic can not. There are a number of good control to link to the home page, not too much, generally three a few links is enough, if the number of page links too much, resulting in excessive weight is derived, so in effect the page keywords ranking, website program, need to be considered.

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