Four aspects to grasp the elements of search engine optimization

with the development of CMS, many webmaster do stand has been easier today, and we do not talk about how to choose keywords, also do not talk about how to choose the right CMS after just share selected keywords how to start your own Shanghai dragon road, several core from the whole should also. Many of my friends say Shanghai dragon is very simple, but also very complicated. I always feel Shanghai dragon is a very deep knowledge, change inside contains thinking can make website quality. Well, the beginning of today’s article, divided into four aspects.

Shanghai dragon also has a time, often see in A5 webmaster articles, let me grow a lot. Key words about optimization, internal link optimization, how to do the external links, see more will know how much, plus oneself also has been optimized website, today to talk about my understanding of Shanghai dragon, and share the four elements of search engine optimization.

second, external Shanghai Dragon: do Shanghai dragon, is just the beginning. If a supermarket a website to it, even if the supermarket of interior decoration good, commodity to complete, price concessions, so if people don’t know the words have no meaning. The site also need to do so, outside the Shanghai dragon to let everyone know that you exist, and you know all the users in a part of the recognition you, this is the ultimate goal of your customers. But on the whole, outside of Shanghai dragon is the most important external links, the most important external links the two aspects is the quality and quantity, the influence from the different domain of external links on our website is different, the quality of another aspect is the correlation, the high correlation site relatively large impact on the website keywords ranking the. Another is the number of external links, the number is also very important, can effectively increase the weight of the website. In addition to the quality and quantity, there is the keywords of the anchor text is diversity, link > deposit

, Shanghai: the first internal Longfeng site if you want to rank well, there are a lot of work needs to be done, but I feel inside the Shanghai dragon should be put in the first place, otherwise you can discount promotion in Shanghai dragon. Imagine someone came to your site, you have a lot of places not good design, let the user is easy to find, so you may lose the user nine out of ten. If we are reasonable to design the website, so whenever a user to access, it may become a repeat, this is a very important details. Overall, the site’s internal structure, mainly including Shanghai dragon navigation, label, catalogue and URL standardization, file size, keywords position, font design, code simplification, copy writing, file naming etc.. In these aspects, the most important is the reasonable navigation, static URL and keywords in H tags or labels in bold. A good grasp of these points, so do the rational internal optimization. If conditions permit, should put every factors do search engine friendly.

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