Enhance the signal to noise ratio of web page code and content optimization denoising

you think carefully about their own optimization method, there is not many people stay in the "content is king, the chain for emperor" slogan type blank stage, doing the "Shanghai dragon worker" execution of the work, I only know that the content of the hair of the chain, but does not know how much less suitable, can see the effect. This is also a problem in front of to do science to help us from Shanghai dragon note we advocate, to bid farewell to a stage, we must study the principle of search engine in depth, and enhance the SNR is one aspect of a can help us optimize the station.


, a code denoising


2, using DIV+CSS style page layout, do not use code page layout table this redundancy is relatively high, but also must pay attention to CSS code separately, to write directly to major general CSS ". For >

, the optimization principle is as far as possible to reduce code redundancy of the web page, so relatively more text content page, let search engines crawl the page more easily. Two aspects need to do the following:

internal optimization including the chain layout, code optimization, keywords layout and content aspects of construction, which to improve the signal-to-noise ratio, there are two aspects need to do: Code denoising and content to optimize the noise of these two aspects.

interested friends may be from Beijing Shanghai dragon above a few words soon realized that today’s article is about optimization techniques of Shanghai Longfeng internal site, but a lot of friends not to have this piece of attention, so if you can pay attention to, then you may get more advantages than others.

1, use less pictures, JS, iframe, flash and other search engines to read trouble code, if you must, as far as possible into the code, for example, a lot of people to do the Flash JS code written directly affects the search engines crawl the web page, here if packaging can make the search engine spiders fast skip.

The optimization in the code of

SNR for Shanghai dragon

Shanghai dragon

"signal-to-noise ratio refers to the ratio of the HTML tag content generated text in web pages and generate part of the text," generally higher signal-to-noise ratio, the quality of the web page we may be better, can explain the search engines to crawl web pages based on the principle: when the search engine spider crawling "," go on, mainly in order to remove the noise of the page, leaving the useful information. "To, major search engines crawl the stored data is removed HTML text labels, this part can be considered non distortion of the voice signal, the HTML tag content generated at the same time, can be considered as noise.

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