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in order to improve the user experience and the benign environment of the Internet, the search engine update algorithm of highly original content to be encouraged, to crack down on the low quality site. The webmaster to site content page analysis, which pages are the largest amount of traffic, can get the maximum amount of search, whether it is the main keywords or long tail keywords of the content, the page content can get the user’s attention is the good content. Site location will begin construction planning, site analysis site is: ability to give users what -> what -> users demand; users get what -> from the site; whether the site can create content for users. This is the analysis process of marketing website necessary, only carefully for the user to create content to attract users attention, page content can attract users attention, bring the flow of the conversion rate of natural increase, website bounce rate will gradually decrease.

marketing type website construction, page layout, page information including product page, page member interaction, different pages bring traffic size is different, you can view the site webmaster page flow through Google analysis tools, which can be brought into the page flow rate. For enterprise marketing type website, if the product page can bring the maximum drainage, the traffic conversion rate is the highest, the Internet enterprise station through a disease, mostly by the page information industry occupies, the product page is only a few pictures, and even many product pages have not been included. For enterprises, product pages and membership interactive section flow is effective, trying to improve the page flow, and can improve the conversion rate of the page flow.

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gradually replace the traditional marketing network marketing, enterprise marketing website has become the trend of network marketing, the need for enterprise data analysis and integration enterprise network optimization, operational data evaluation of enterprise, can make enterprise more clearly understand the site user groups, enterprise integration and optimization of the need for which data analysis the author to share? Analysis of several common data.

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marketing website the ultimate aim is to produce the product orders, no matter what the use of optimization techniques, or marketing skills, can produce sales orders can be. Marketing activity is expected in the planning effect in marketing can reach the perfect final, then need to master the whole marketing process of data analysis, whether paid marketing costs can get through marketing activities, if not increase sales, but also to get word of mouth on the brand. Scheme of network marketing need to be able to bring benefits to the enterprise objective, timely analysis of activities of the stage effect, improve the marketing plan can help companies better, lack of correct scheme in place or no mention of the plan. At the same time, the enterprise may be a period.

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