Noble baby stop updating PR PageRank

retrieves the nobility baby PR in the major search engines (PageRank) found that, at the end of 2010 there have been reports that the PR will stop updating the oolong, which the owners of the house in the January 2011 5 journal article "noble baby stop updating PR using Caffeine index system", the NetEase of Science and technology in October 2010 14 journal article "Google staff confirmed the PR value is no longer updated change the industrial chain end". Similar articles are cited a Google Engineer Susan Moskwa issued a document (see below):

?It was found that


Is this a permanent change


provided by the map information, to find the original text as follows:

Susan gives the answer is:

Perhaps public PR is finally going to be dumped

I was doing my daily perusing of our client sites in Webmaster Tools, and I noticed something interesting The PageRank distribution feature… Once found on the crawl stats section under " Diagnostics " is no, longer displayed.

and most of the owners, Fraiy has been concerned about the PR value change held by the site, but the past three months, more than 10 site management (including enterprise station, industry station, personal blog, forum) of the PR were not updated. But with the owners of the house are PR data update data (see below), can not help but ask, PR really stop updating

What say you

? ?

PageRank parameter in the Webmasters in Tools disappeared, asked whether to cancel PageRank

According to the ?

2009.10.13 asked:

We’ve been telling people for a long time that they shouldn’t focus on PageRank so much; many site>


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