Diving is not accidental ranking right down the website precursor analysis

three: domain deleted

four: snapshot date seriously repeated

batchOwners are not unfamiliar to What is the

webmaster most looking forward to update on the search engine rankings?. What is the webmaster of the most fear? After the update, the site is down right. This process, repeated in the interpretation of the internet. In fact, fear useful? The website drop right will be right down. Because any site diving is not an accident, before the site is down right must be subjected to a signal from a search engine. If the webmaster can seize this signal, welcome the edge problem, the crisis will not be staged, and the site is down right is inevitable. Before the site right down, what is the precursor warning Adsense? Might as well as follows a look:

there are a lot of people say, snapshot site must be right down, but also to look at a degree. As a website, different keywords snapshot, page snapshot may be different, we can not define the snapshot site is down the right station. So how to determine the site from the snapshot will be down right? Here assume binary snapshot: more than half a month of the site right down the possibility, or repeated snapshot >

as "domain", many owners will be used to judge the merits of the site of one of the standard, thus it’s important role. The Domain command is not a query given love Shanghai outside the chain of command, but the query information command, said most of the information on behalf of the web site outside of the chain too. Under normal circumstances, the website development process, the relevant domain information must be increased. But if under normal circumstances, if the site will be right down, the information which will be eliminated tens of thousands of. If the owners still think that the rule of the search engine to adjust the tooth, then it will face a deadly crisis. As a webmaster, always pay attention to the change in the amount of domain information, is essential.

: a sudden slowdown from

your website content is not often included in the later disappear? If it is, then, in the two audit crisis. Causes of the two audit is very simple, the lack of weight". New haven’t what weight, natural search engine to be careful after the audit content, carefully after all no mistake. But if the problem of an old station, if not handled properly will will be right down. Common causes of problems is "near duplicate content is too high, or the frequency of updates faster".

two: two audit frequently

website every day by many spiders index, a few minutes can be included in the website, suddenly one day become included a few hours, and the page included requirements is generally high, what does it mean? Could very well be the precursor web will be right down. Of course, there may be a search engine in preparing a ranking reshuffle, but if the other stations are no problem, but the individual station problem, must have consciousness.

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