Don’t let the spider forget your website


this is a song, I do not have good food, only do alternative folk songs. Also we also not only good food, good article and content. The spider is invited to you, must be to retain, but can retain the names to see your site is the essence of the content, because the spider taste is love novel, also is the original, you can not use some old leftovers sent it, if it is, you will it left a bad impression on your website without what benefits, it is strongly recommended that the increase of the original text in tit, right around the keyword optimization. Here is not to say that the original pure write is completed, you have to search other people is written like, if there is, it advised you or another problem. If this is a good treat spider star, is the next big spider policy, accidentally guest, and the resident does not go, put you here alone. Have the biggest names to your advertising, you can send.

is now the spider is already a star, you do not send the invitation to it, it will not come to your website. So you have to send it the invitation. So how to post it, stick to write what content? Actually pretty easy, you love Shanghai related keywords, you can find many related articles. But if you believe me, I can give you recommend some good websites, the first not to say the owners of the house, because everyone on the owners of the house is also spreading the guest online there are many related articles. You send the invitation to the spider must be careful, don’t be invited, must be in the spider often go to the site, the local release update soon around the key related content information and post eg: love Shanghai, Sina, Shanghai Sina high weight because of love. But the post content to be trendy, to the essence, do not send spam, increase the original text, or some websites in the management of staff to discard your post, ruthless it delete. Another very important thing, to be posted around the keywords, released a large number of the chain, let love Shanghai spider retrieval results orientation to your site, so you must write post on a web address, so that the spider became clear, will go to your website. As long as the spider to your home, the next question is how to treat the spider big shots.

two, how to treat the webmaster, big spider.

above is the most.

, to send invitation to invite the spider, the spider on your site.

webmaster, don’t let the spider forget your site? If you have forgotten your web spider, then forgotten your site next to the majority of Internet users, but users forget your site, the webmaster you laid-off also came to the historical moment, you will have to exit when the Internet history the stage. Therefore, if the owners want to keep pace with the times, don’t let the spider forget your site, also don’t forget to read, so you can learn how to not let the spider forgotten your website.

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