A tour of the station around the easy mistake


then went to the third.

was floating gas impatient joined Taobao Taobao alliance guest friends are through video or other lecturers explain such temptation over, has entered the station, ask what procedures and then find a single product template. So irritable start Wangzhuan road. Is the need for a detailed plan but do a project of website construction before the website promotion website profit model single product direction.

we make mistakes

when we modify the title undoubtedly included all will be clear, this is you a snapshot of the return, because you included after modification of title title does not exist, the love of Shanghai will gradually clear yes love Shanghai >

second title in the frequent changes flighty and impetuous to the half a month later the site included one or two articles that may be a good point of each are included, the flow also came up, but there is no income (keyword analysis do not work preparation) so wrong that novice webmaster found Title write well and then modify the title. (the most taboo optimization approach) after this step. Maybe you should know that this station will be K serious not serious recovery also included more than 1 a month to 3 months there may be half a year.

now started Taobao off we do not know if there is no passion at that time! I still remember that time I was in for the YY class to hear about Wangzhuan course, that is eight points a night in 2009, the lecturer said is to: build your a web site do Taobao off single product promotion such as slimming products or breast products. So the topic that you use Shanghai Dragon technology to do love Shanghai home every one hundred sites Liu IP traffic, a single product every day at least one hundred Commission of 100 (for a single transaction it is directional flow). So if you do 500 every day there are about 5 every single one hundred single is five hundred, then the ten day is five thousand and thirty days is fifteen thousand. This is the original dream let me that night sleepless night!

then second days to join the Shanghai dragon industry learning Shanghai dragon, not suppress the way excited on the second day the station at that time. My heart what all don’t want to think about it for a month fifteen thousand of the income of how good ah, how tempting ah. After doing a half month little sporadic income, at that time also helped others to make a list of Shanghai dragon received 3K service fee. But Taobao guest website traffic and conversion rate has been no better. Now how to 2012 three years to do what is wrong in the original place. Also warned novice of course it is not the webmaster blow your confidence Taobao guest is not good to do. Just like you do when appropriate recommendations should be noticed. Or perhaps some mistakes you make it.

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