Experience summary of Laosheng optimization of long tail keywords

as the saying goes, "content is king" is more suitable for the long tail keywords. A good content will make love to give Shanghai a higher standard for evaluation, like my new sites to do is resource site, the long tail word competition is particularly large, why is my long tail keywords can on the authority of the old station? Friendly big reason is the love of Shanghai to give the original content. But this I have experienced from also benefited ah. So that everyone in the premise of a good title leader, to make the original content for effective auxiliary.

(a) mining "suitable" long tail keywords

(three) original content aided by

2, long tail keywords, here we must pay attention to, not the pursuit of "one word", the best is an article with a long tail word must be clear, clear in the clear, let the spider know what you want to highlight.

4, the title content must focus on the long tail word and play.


Because Clear

3, the title not too long, generally have the best within 20 words.

(two) of long tail keywords title "leading"

a little small to the main keywords are dozens, many hundreds, so how do we get to choose long tail words? That we first need to know roughly the weight of their own website, for how many words index. This is very important, because of the long tail word now a lot of the old station in "the word". And then you can love Shanghai long tail word from the drop-down box, can also use the Internet to work for free to search.

through the long tail word from all aspects to come, then a series of layout, and check the weight index, according to the website itself to select what to do, what to give up, do the long tail keywords foundation.

The long tail word

recently busy New Year, did not write anything for a long time, today to share with you some of the site long tail optimization experience, these are old to do the new half year summary, hope to all the Webmaster Help! The long tail word in today’s website ranking is not a small glimpse of wealth. I also have to understand that we are. I will not say much, directly into the subject.

in the optimization of long tail keywords, the title is the most because play a "leading role", a good title is to let the spider love the premise of this article, so old in which is under the foot of the brain, after all the long tail word more respected "words", so the title is necessary coherent, accurate and brief. The following is a summary of Laosheng in practice four notes for reference:

1, concise, long tail word left some suggestions (because the spider is usually tour from left to right case).

in the chain optimization< >

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