Out of the system out of the people’s daily Deng Ya Ping to join forces to do sports venture capital


in the immediate search and Pangu search, the name of Deng Ya Ping and the "light 2 billion" words together for nearly 3 years, the 43 year old "table tennis Queen" once again return to public view.

today (June 9th), according to the "Sports Weekly" reported that the former Olympic table tennis champion Deng Ya Ping announced his resignation as Deputy Secretary General of people’s daily duties, entered the sports venture capital circles, together with Hong Tai, Yu Minhong, founder of Wang Shengjiang innovation space filled the Hittites to build a sports industry, innovation and entrepreneurship platform. This time, Deng Ya Ping is from the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee for seven years, leaving a circle in the sea battles, again related to sports.

news, people’s daily news agency also issued a notice, said: "the turnover has been approved by the Deputy Secretary General of people’s daily, people’s search network company director, general manager Deng Ya Ping, due to personal business reasons, recently resigned from his position as in the people’s daily duties. I will respect the people’s daily, the editorial board decided to approve the application." Hong Tai innovation space also confirmed the news with the joint efforts of Deng Ya Ping.

Hong Thai fund was established in November 2014, is the largest single RMB angel fund, April 2015 in the incubator, the establishment of Hong Thai innovation space. Deng Ya Ping and Hong Tai innovation space will be combined with each other in the incubation, investment, sports industry resources, around the sports industry incubation, sports industry investment, entrepreneurship training, retired athletes sports industrial park operations and other aspects of in-depth cooperation, work together to build the first China sports industry innovation platform.

According to

news release, the two sides will be mainly in five aspects:


first, the new platform will build a number of cultural and sports vertical innovation space for the sports innovation and entrepreneurship project team to provide systematic depth incubation services, the birth of more sports star project.

The new

second platform, the formation of a sports industry fund, regularly held a sports contest of innovation and entrepreneurship, promote the rapid growth of sports innovation and entrepreneurship project team, in the market, products and services, to get more opportunities and resources.

The new

third platform, the two sides will integrate in the world within the scope of the sports industry and the venture capital industry resources, promote the sports industry in the global exchange, organization of investment and financing activities, carry out investment and financing business, promote innovation China outstanding sports enterprises to go global.

The new platform

fourth, adhere to the combination principle, to carry out extensive cooperation, the construction of large sports industrial park in the part of the sports industry in developed areas, the popularity of the nationwide fitness campaign to promote the further development of the sports industry.

fifth, the new platform will help the retired athletes of entrepreneurship and transformation services, the construction of sports talent entrepreneurial database. Retired athletes is a valuable quality of human resources, will be retired athletes for entrance to the new platform, the construction of sports talent database, to industry leading talent, talent talent pool, relying on the rich resources, the introduction of a number of sports pioneering talents and entrepreneurial team, with composite type >

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