Analysis of snapshot incomplete display of related questions and Solutions

Webmaster Platform provides, can be disassembled into several small questions, and corresponding Dean do answer, is also to the webmaster of doubt, have targeted feedback. Question:

, no, only show the 200K tool. When we design tools have done research on the web page, generally show 100K enough.

fourth questions: whether the "love Shanghai cannot have what special characters

does not have this limitation.

two, if avoid solve the snapshot not fully displayed.

from the dean of the question and answer can be summed up, page snapshot is complete and can not directly influence the feedback problems included web pages, there is no clear answer on whether Shanghai dragon, which is consistent with the official written answer, but the answer from a word or two, it is not difficult to parse out in accordance with the platform specification to plan the page content and writing code, the deployment will be more friendly to search engines, search engines will tilt more high quality resources to meet their standards of the site, even if there is no positive response, but Xiaobian that "fast according to incomplete display of Shanghai dragon has influence on how many will, since this requires speculation, Shanghai dragon ER was able to improve Shanghai Longfeng according to official recommendations.

second questions: if the snapshot page display is not complete, is not that BaiduSpider is not a complete collection of "


the text does not limit, but there are certain restrictions on the size of the source, too, will extract the front part, so that the source is more concise

the first question: love Shanghai for web content how to limit the size of

?Answer: Dean


?Answer: the dean

is a Shanghai dragon Er, will "snapshot query often, direct understanding of recent Web search engines situation, of course there will be some buddies used by web log to understand web page is a spider crawling situation. But some forum recently in Shanghai Longfeng related, often see a snapshot shows some problems of incomplete snapshot is discussed, whether the effect of incomplete display of Shanghai dragon and how to deal with this problem, buddies to discuss the results is uneven, small in this case, referring to the official statement, to sort out this article, share to still doubt the webmaster friends.

, a web page does not display whether the impact of Shanghai dragon

third: the use of platform tools also cannot completely display the crawl off, is not to be considered complete without

? According to the official version of

, no, snapshot generation involves many aspects, there are many reasons that are not complete, can not simply think that without complete.

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