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brand promotion with these strokes, in July activities set down 500-1000 yuan,

two choose the best publicity site

said that advertising is a science, but also an art, not too much. However, whether advertising is effective or not, there is often a dispute between advertisers and advertising agencies. The winning advertisement has not brought the corresponding sales volume to the advertiser. The case is very common. In the advertisement award ceremony, it is sometimes seen that the advertisers who cultivate the advertising celebrities.

    advertising people often think that their role is "that a" communication with consumers, so the matching is good such as product price is not rotten, moving, or simply start advertisers set the wrong sales, advertising object is not able to grasp.

    however, "the actual effect of advertising to pay" voice has not been interrupted, advertisers are not willing to spend money, customers did not come in. This call was most pronounced in the early stages of online advertising in 1999, because the Internet was the first mass media to directly monitor consumer advertising and listening behavior. Online ad salesmen are very hard and must convince advertisers to charge Impression by banner ads, rather than the number of clicks Click. Over the years, network banner ad click rate fell below 0.1%.

open search keyword advertising model

    network banner advertising low point selection rate only shows that in the era of information explosion, consumers are tired of advertising information, regardless of the media. Just because the network can be clicked directly on the data statistics, so it seems more shocking. In trouble, however, advertisements will find exports. Driven by the rapid development of the search engine keyword advertising, because meet consumer demand and effect, did not expect the valuation effect each click on an advertisement for a money mode, also was advertising owners welcome.

    when you use a keyword search on the search engine, the advertisement associated with the word is brought out with the search results. As a result of accurate hitting consumer demand, the ad click rate frequently 5% to take off, so that almost banner ads 0.1% ultra-low click rate despair advertisers shouted.


first, you need to find a good Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, good general in each big Wangzhuan forum have recommended a lot of attention to high popularity of the forum to find good projects in a timely manner. How to determine whether a project is good or bad? How many people first look at the evaluation of the project, see the project operation time by long, finally see the project site is professional enough. For example, if the record, whether there is a detailed help documentation and instructions.


second, to find a good project, also need to publicize, find the people to cooperate. Today we focus on how to make good use of Wangzhuan forum to promote the project. Do Wangzhuan people should know, is a good place for Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forum propaganda project. Here you can find the target users. First of all we have to do is find some high popularity of the forum, this is very simple, you enter the "Wangzhuan forum" will be able to understand the Wangzhuan Forum’s ranking in the search engine.

set to join the forum, registered members, spend some time some good articles published in the forum, good post. Since the purpose of doing so can improve the membership levels, get more privileges. Because the newly registered members are generally not link permissions. Secondly, you can improve the visibility. The following

said here is not to spend money to buy you, of course, the money is enough to buy. Here is that keeps you focused on popular forums and people will buy top advertising, if you are lucky enough to encounter just top posts, just behind the replies, and pay attention to bring the link. This is why the beginning let you send some good articles, improve access. Reply post to reply first occupy the floor, usually the first page just a floor can, it is best to sofa, bench, after the success of your reply, then slowly edit the contents of the reply, under your reply content has a Edit button, the button at the top of some forum, so you can not money, and can get very good publicity

accept forum to promote common methods

: use the forum zhidingtie

find a good publicity site, can make your publicity effort, if a forum not many people online, and all day. There are few posts, even if your project is good, then skilled post skills are not used. >


in Wangzhuan industry, there are a lot of people began holding enthusiasm to do Wangzhuan, but most in the early days of hard to give up, only a small number of people insist on down, these people become the master, the real money is these people, so do Wangzhuan need to adhere to. Compared to the domestic industry, in foreign countries, Wangzhuan development earlier, industry has already formed the scale. At present there is no what a good Wangzhuan project, but the overall trend is to move forward. The form is also more and more higher, if you want to make money, you must have two conditions:

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