Case analysis To explore the difference between domestic Chinese search engine


, there are currently eight normal operation of on-line search engine, they include love Shanghai, 360, Sogou, soso and Youdao, so immediately, and pangu. Because the home more Pangu portal, but its mobile background due to pay more attention to the mobile Internet search direction, here is not to be compared.

The current domestic

network is divided into many levels, and website optimization ranking is the most conventional website promotion mode, it has the characteristics of low cost, high precision. We need to know about the domestic Chinese search engines which have respective characteristics and

two, Sogou Sohu subsidiary, launched in August 3, 2004, the core technical team based search before. Sogou has long been in the domestic fourth position, and later with the input method and the browser market share beyond the search, Google out of the mainland market, love Shanghai and take a share of Google have Sogou Sogou, but still occupy third of the long-term position. After 360 search appeared in second, Google seckill only point to, and search dogs are not affected. 3B before and after the war, the direction of force and the difference and Sogou cubic transformation. Today, Sogou search still occupy the third position in the market.

, a search was launched in August 16, 2012 360, September 21st formally established the independent domain name so贵族宝贝. The 360 search algorithms and love Shanghai old algorithm has a certain similarity (360 has one gene), but after a few months of the current update algorithm in algorithm 360 has been completely and love Shanghai shows different rules (at least seventy-sixth pages and love Shanghai gap bigger). The 360 search page has news, web pages, video, pictures, music, quiz, map (the integration of high moral map), and 9 mobile phone application software. The processing of key words basically follow the "quality based sorting based on the perfect combination of ranking algorithms (Robin Li patent) and title – keywords description principle.

. In this case Chinese flat-share network www.hzfwq贵族宝贝 ", is the first official website, the above is all SERP common classification search navigation (classification according to the judge, to integrate the data below the keywords) (Sogou judgment and rental related keywords," Khan ", here for rental information). Of course, some key words will directly trigger Sogou knowledge cube. The total to >

As shown in figure The promotion of the

as follows, in this case Chinese flat-share network hzfwq贵族宝贝 ", the 360 algorithms show synchronized to the official web page also set out the knowledge platform correlation algorithm 360, the 360 Highly Interactive Encyclopedia (the first Chinese wiki), so the search word encyclopedia links are on the search results page (SERP) is triggered. The SERP also added because Wikipedia is very clear and appropriate.

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