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maybe someone would say, if you choose the wrong one, what’s wrong? It’s nothing to choose the wrong one. In accordance with the average life span of 2~3 years of domestic private enterprises, 6% of the Internet start-ups business realizable capacity, the vast majority of entrepreneurs starting out of the moment, nothing more than a choice of death. It’s a bit of a loss, but success is really accidental. In addition, a qualified Leader also need selfless and play, know that the team is responsible for the biggest responsibility for the company.

1, regularization


women are afraid to marry the wrong husband, afraid of the wrong man! This sentence is really deep! Estimates now do Internet friends, there are a lot of money and money are struggling in the edge! So why do you make money so hard? Or why you can’t earn money

this is the best prerequisite for polishing an excellent team. The key is how to understand the "strong" of these three words. I think that "strong" needs the following elements: courage and determination, selfless, play…… However, courage is the first and the most valuable mental quality of a qualified Leader in my mind. Any team will continue to face new goals, challenges, especially in start-up companies, very few people can see the future, find a truly sustainable profit point. In the face of such great uncertainty, other members, including Leader itself, will inevitably hesitate, struggle, and hesitate. So as leader must be brave enough, critical moment can stand out to break the deadlock, a voice shouted: do it! Brave then outrightly, toward the goal without wavering, will perform in place.

2, circle


fully agreed on the basis of the 35 core members of

I believe in contact with friends Internet money, more or less cheated, this is the tuition, but with the development of the Internet, more and more people are familiar with the Internet, has been unable to deceive the old one of these friends, of course, I’m not here to tempt people to find Huyou NEW method, after all you did not last long, we should considering the long-term business, so we must formalize! Do network is nothing more than to sell products to sell service, we must be on our product or service standardization, through quality products or services to obtain the trust of customers, so as to form a your own customer groups, with such a group trust you customer groups, you will find more and more money back to

is now the network business is no longer a man alone era, let alone just your way to make money is becoming more and more difficult, to the final estimate you go elsewhere! All we must have our own circle, into the industry circles to master, because here, you can find very contacts, these people may not only tell you you never know the valuable information, may also be your partner! You may often hear the word contacts, but how to build a network of you do not know, is actually very simple, just find your own industry circle, many master and exchange! There is such a word to the people around you is what kind of person, then you are not far from such people. "This sentence is very reasonable, so we need to find self Your own circle,

at least for the time being, almost all successful start-up teams have 35 core members as absolute support. In recent years, the division of labor has become increasingly clear, CEO understands strategy, CTO understands technology, COO understands operations, and so on. And Lei Jun, Zhou Hongyi, Liu Chuanzhi…… Jobs, the proven cattle men, have expounded the importance of the core team on different occasions. Liu Chuanzhi has been the team in the first place, and then setting strategy, with the team. Lei Jun millet early in the making, the biggest effort is used to attract seven core members. Zhou Hongyi also praised Jobs’s theory that most of the success lies in finding truly talented people


this time, I’ve been thinking about how to polish a strong entrepreneurial team, whether at the corporate level, at the departmental level, or at the project level. The reality is that the company doesn’t lack the direction and the opportunities, and what’s missing is a good team that can turn the vision into reality. How to polish a strong entrepreneurial team, combined with work experience, I have the following thoughts.

3, product diversity:

now has 3 trends in making money on the Internet:


to do the Internet, don’t limit your product must be what kind of? Planning brother here to tell you, what products are likely to become Internet products, the Internet open platform, as long as there is demand, there will be a deal! I know a friend, by selling him contacts, 10 days to earn 360 thousand, he set up a club, the club only allows people to enter the top in the industry, but is the need to collect the dues, 18 thousand per person, leading people in the industry know the circle.

, a powerful Leader


I’ll tell you why! Now the Internet has not had the network, with the development of the Internet, the Internet is already a lot of people choose to make money, make money online with friends more and more money, the Internet become more and more standardized, the original is not fooled, deception to survive, so we cannot make money thinking always stay in the beginning of the state, we need to consider the future development trend of

joined the start-up company for more than a year, the biggest feeling is: no matter how good the individual must be integrated into a suitable team, to achieve maximum value; no matter how many outstanding individuals, must be the same direction, consensus, understand cooperation, into a strong team, have the opportunity to succeed.

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