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no matter what kind of a website, there is a center, the center station is your attitude, that is to say the website is to give users what help? Unless you really have the strength to do the station, otherwise don’t make very large version of portal, a large version of the content, looks very rich but the user does not know what is good. Uh, I don’t seem to need anything. I’ve shut it up for you.


day, v-mobile also announced a series of cooperation with international leading enterprises in the overseas layout, including Microsoft, Wo Dafeng, Stripe, AXA insurance payment balance. It is reported that the Microsoft Azure cloud service platform to provide technical support for Mobell overseas operations, global networking pioneer for Vodafone Mobell tailored networking platform solutions, Stripe provides a platform for international payment balance, AXA providing insurance services.

March 21st, v-mobile bicycle announced officially put into operation in Singapore, began overseas strategy. Earlier, the company said that in 2017, the company plans to share bicycles to hundreds of cities at home and abroad. The Singapore state investment company, participated in the D round after the v-mobile new financing.

first of all, of course, there must be original articles, we must do fine and simple, the article should not only fine, but also to jane. The original article is easier to obtain the search engine ranking; the second is to have a good title, good title is the description of the core, play the key role, attractive title, but also remind users to click on the title to desire, but also contains the key words, more useful search engine promotion; and the keyword density should be reasonable, do not appear appropriate, in order to increase keyword density and wanton add keywords, can give the appropriate keyword link point, search engine to give these words related to the weight in the judgement of the correlation.



Mobell to enter the overseas market the first station of Laozi, the reason is quite full. On the one hand, Singapore developed economy and stable policy and regulations of transparency, respect for intellectual property rights and sound infrastructure. On the other hand, Singapore is also one of the countries with the highest penetration rate of smart phones in the world, which has great attraction for sharing bicycle enterprises.

March 21st, v-mobile bicycle officially began operations in singapore.

, however, about the overseas expansion strategy, v-mobile bicycle founder Hu Weiwei cautious.

must fight at home and Mobell bee ofo, also has to ride in singapore.

March 21st, ofo releases variable speed models in singapore.

ofo co-founder of the letter introduced, ofo has launched thousands of bicycles in Singapore, attracting tens of thousands of users, this year is expected to launch tens of thousands of bicycles.

actually, v-mobile is in early last year in Singapore market adjusted.

so, in addition to IP, PV is the webmaster to go after the data, even if your IP is limited, PV go up, do the same excellent than the similar website, can make a lot of money, here are some effective methods for increasing PV commonly used, I hope useful for novice webmaster > home page must show you do website attitude,


in March 11th to attend the American Southwest conference space, Hu Weiwei told the surging news interview, said, "on the overseas strategy, we are still learning and exploration stage, v-mobile do things are generally more serious, so we will play in the products have fine grinding. Soft landing in Singapore first, and other cities are under study." Hu Weiwei made it clear that he was not planning to enter the American market.

optimization of content optimization should pay attention to three small points: 1, the content of the beginning of the past and future, to attract users to better look at, and then summed up a strong ending. 2, the paper should be concise, not in length, and increase the number of words, the content is too long, not to let the user more mind reading, the 800 words, try to use the paging line, allowing users to see more comfortable, 3 visual content can reflect the essence of knowledge, let the user can learn from what. Feel what, rather than see not what feelings.

can not make money at the expense of the user experience,

maybe as a webmaster, most of the efforts around IP Kuwait, even the webmaster exchanges, IP will also ask about the topic, the type of site may be different, but when it comes to how to promote IP, there is a common language between stationmaster. But IP doesn’t mean anything. At least 1000 of IP doesn’t necessarily make $1000. The key is how you can use the 1000 IP to grow to 10 thousand PV, or even 100 thousand PV!

content should focus on the home page. Grab the eyeballs of your target customers and provide what they need, otherwise it will be easily removed by other PK sites. This I do not say more, each station is different, their analysis of access statistics in the key words on the line.

content page acme optimization,

in March 21st, ofo said the company is now operating in Singapore and has started trial operations in the London region of the UK and the US California region. After the end of December 2016, ofo disclosed the global strategy.

in the first station to ride overseas, v-mobile in Singapore at the beginning of operations, will be in Singapore MRT subway station and the university campus needs hot regional focus and put on the vehicle, designed for special intelligent new iterative in densely populated areas.


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