National entrepreneurship has become a universal winter which industry will be a high incidence of

links, advertising will be an important part of future station income. Although some more stable income Amoy owners will jump out of me, but your conscience say, your income is not stable against the enormous flow of maintenance? Well compared to some traffic sites, so much traffic can be much more than that.

but since the second half of 2015, the O2O project is very influential one after another collapse, venture capital market began cooling, avid Internet business boom faded, the electricity supplier, VR, online education, these are extremely optimistic about the rise in the field after still have begun to repeat mistakes O2O. By the 16 half of the year, the situation seemed even worse.

some of the recent major adjustment of the mom let Taobao customers are very panic, including the API relocation, but now the old is not completely stopped, probably only linger. When API released just before the relocation, I wrote a new direction for the development of Taobao customers, mainly that should promote the store, shop promotion is relatively stable, but recently some new policies and Ali mother, has begun to shake the status of shop promotion, just a few days ago, shop promotion page does not make only superficial changes. Light is the transformation of the URL to the S8 code, the head has become a Taobao search framework, more like a search results page, suddenly Amoy are quite panic and strongly opposed, which makes Ali mother changed again to come back, but look out, mom has been focusing on the promotion of their search or promotion S8 the code in the future, Amoy promotion, S8 promotion will become particularly important. I also began to change the direction of development, made a new station, Taobao winter women’s clothing, ready to meet the new trend of mother ali.

side note, shop promotion and has not been replaced, compared to single product promotion, shop promotion are particularly important, like API before the site, do not combine shop promotion station basically is a dead end, without a head, and now, in my opinion, the promotion of S8 must be combined with shop promotion, this is the way, this is not only the full utilization of resources, but also a clever combination.

but all the promotion models have been plagued by the same problem, which is the serious instability of Ali’s mother platform. I want to be a guest recently income are plummeting? January as January, and I am also, you see, there are a lot of old Amoy to speak out, to serious problems. So, do Taobao guest promotion also have to line and retreat, but in a word, the emphasis on persistence, after all, Ali mother is not a small league, will not pour, but definitely will grow in twists and turns. Although this alliance can not compare with other big league, but also is a unique school, the superiority is remarkable, if one day has stabilized, then will have the very big promotion superiority.

in the past few years, the real economy has been down, but the Internet has been an outbreak of contrarian growth. It can be said that in recent years, in addition to real estate, finance, the fastest growing Internet only. Under the slogan of "national entrepreneurship, innovation and innovation", many Internet start-ups are emerging.

nationwide entrepreneurship has become a universal winter

, 1, A, and angel rounds, companies had the highest mortality rates, and the vast majority of failed companies fell on the line.

from the Tao guest income aspect, must go to maintain diversified mode, one is to strengthen other types of advertising, not limited to CPS, we all know the General Alliance CPS Commission will be in the tens of percent, Ali and her mother by the enormous advantage of the C2C platform, most transactions are five percent, so that this part of the flow is a big waste site confined to Ali’s mother CPS is a waste.

have to say, the impact of capital winter to start-up companies, more than anyone imagined, the phenomenon of frequent closure of start-up companies, I am afraid it is difficult to change in the short term. In the 16 half of the year, it’s almost doomed to make all Internet startups shudder. In this 39 days of Internet cold winter, grind one’s teeth to come over, may greet spring. But more will be washed down by the surging tide of bankruptcy. So, who will be the next to fall, more worthy of our discussion and vigilance.

according to the investment community statistics show that in 2016 1 to August, there are 990 companies to get A round of financing, and in 2015 won the enterprise A round of financing is 1999, a reduction of more than 50%, can go to from an angel round D round of the company is only 2%. Four months later, has been difficult to narrow the gap of data, these data show that this year, the winter capital will be more deep, national entrepreneurship has become a universal winter.

, the author summarizes the rules of some start-up companies closed down:


The development of

startups closed down three major laws

2, the same industry companies generally fall in the same cycle, a sudden closure of a company, it is easy to trigger the butterfly effect. For example, online travel, online education, travel, O2O and other fields are dying in a movie; when a family is closed, it is often just the beginning.

In the early stages of the

After analyzing the start-up companies that have reported problems in

2016 just autumn, the Internet has already entered the business winter season, recently, rumors of a collapse of the net fresh table, the pioneering company closures of the topic once again ignited, once again let the whole industry felt the winter cold. In fact, in the new round of bankruptcy tide, not only is the B round of the early start-up companies face a large area of death, and even after the C round of mature companies are frequently traced to failure to finance or layoffs winter.

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