The logistics network platform one meter ticking received nearly billion yuan A round of financing l

is to attract highly accurate commercial value traffic.

news September 14th, logistics network platform one meter ticking announced by Papadopoulos lead investor, capital source, Xianfeng Changqing with cast A round of financing, financing amounted to nearly billion yuan.

theme, the more entertaining it is, the lower the advertising price. Not only shlf1314, Adsense, such as PPC bidding, including direct transactions with advertisers. If your website traffic is a particular group of people with a hobby, and there is spending power, advertisers are willing to pay a higher price.

one meter ticking all the chips, founded the network capacity Crowdsourcing operation mode, through the provincial, county and town, through direct standard distribution, to create "small ticket express", "big ticket LTL" main products, to support seamless transfer in line the goods falling to the end of the non blind distribution advantage. In the information system as a link, brought together the leading regional logistics network and the quality of railway company, to achieve intensive product standardization, informatization and network integrated development, to provide high quality service for customers.

meters tick belongs to Shanghai one meter tick Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., founded in June 2015, the same year in October officially opened one meter tick brand.

now, many articles have been strongly advocating running their own e-commerce sites. Maybe some people will misunderstand that the website can’t make money by advertising. In fact, advertising is one of the ways in which the website is profitable. It is not difficult, but rather difficult.

wants to make money on advertising, you can consider three directions.

I have a friend who runs a BMW car forum in Singapore, and there are not many members. However, the site’s traffic is rich, high spending power. So some companies are better than

has a car website offering free auto dealer prices. This information is usually confidential, and very few people will let you know for free because it will make the dealer lose money. The stationmaster paid for the information and placed it on his website free of charge. As a result, car enthusiasts saw his website as a reliable source of information, increasing traffic. Wangzhuan income attendant.

site to attract traffic, and then sell advertising, the threshold is not high, many webmaster with free CMS software, to collect or collect some content, put advertising code, and then finished. It’s not a big problem trying to make a cigarette. Want to make a living, make money online, and even want to grow stronger, it will be more difficult.

run e-commerce sites, we assume that your conversion rate is one percent, one hundred traffic, and one person bought your product or service, your profit should be at least a few dollars. Ordinary online sales of products, it should not be a dime.

The wider the

one meter tick chairman and President Yang Xingyun revealed that this round of financing will be used to strengthen team building and enhance the level of information technology. One meter tick, then focus on the layout of the national hub, hub and network, continue to optimize and upgrade. According to the "one meter tick" three year development strategy, 2016 is the infrastructure construction year, 2017 is the income promotion year, and 2018 is the diversified development year.

Do you have a

but at another point of view, advertising is difficult, but once successful, it has unlimited potential. shlf1314 is advertising, and there are many big websites. Not long ago, New York Times online edition just canceled subscription subscription, the contents are all free of charge, the profit model has also turned to online advertising.

The second direction of

, like shlf1314, has become the gateway to the Internet for most people, looking for information. New York Times has a lot of wonderful content, and so many users. These websites have their own unique place that can attract huge amounts of cheap traffic.

is unique, can attract a large number of cheap traffic.

learned that, in less than a year to set up, one meter tick points exceeded 1600, dry branch line reached more than 6000, the network covers 23 provinces, county level coverage of 70%.

if you click on advertising to make money, and now the trend of advertising click rate is getting lower and lower. The price of each click may be low to a few pennies. One hundred browsers, advertising revenue compared to e-commerce sites, the gap is great.

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