How do make the first money from Taobao in the short term An injured customer service MM’s sad tal

Taobao customers is a relatively profitable network to make money mode, if the operation is good, it is a good income, so I hope that if you operate, then concentrate on the operation. Www.58task, remember my station, the website that makes money on the internet.

is currently well-known websites, have their own blogs, such as Sina, NetEase, Sohu, and Ai Rui, stationmaster net, net, sh419 and so on, and their authority is very heavy, the search engine spiders are very high on their list of frequency. But to make it clear that we try not to sh419 space or sh419 products to promote their website. Although sh419’s weight is very high, but sh419 hate others from using his products to promote your web site, if sh419 products left too many connections, easily lead to sh419 k out, so we must pay attention to.

"don’t tempt me,"

two: forum posting


, I’m dizzy. I really met with the beauty customer service, I have continued to speak with her impulse, I did not expect her to have a funny genius. Mouth son is also fierce, it is worth to Ali mother when customer service.

at IT, the MM MM or customer service is absolutely a beautiful scenery, it is no wonder that some time ago in the NetEase with vigour and vitality to engage in IT Meimei contest, because the NetEase caught Chinese since ancient times lewd psychological. Chinese isn’t there a saying it. What "MIAOQITO lady," I really Chinese a gentleman’s good mate well, hope you will forgive me. Which of the two words can only use Chinese pinyin spelling out. It can be said that the MM or MM customer service is a corporate image, is also indispensable in an enterprise name card. No customer service MM and front MM were friendly, polite, friendly and no business customers the.

I was thinking about how to deal with her, and jumped out again.

"you’re so funny. I have to keep bothering you.". To tell you the truth, I don’t think it’s scary. It should be pretty long, "said

two days ago, Ali’s mom’s customer service MM and me .


each webmaster’s and MSN are indispensable customer service MM such special net friend. Webmaster all more or less and customer service MM have happened to the story,

cooperation and win-win

to the major BBS post, is relatively speaking, publicity effect is better, more direct way of propaganda. But there are many disadvantages, such as the publicity effect is generally temporary, there is no blog promotion that kind of persistence. Therefore, for the sudden publicity effect, you can use the forum, and the persistent site is not recommended.

"Hello, I’m Ali’s mother’s customer service. Your website is very good. It’s very popular. Do you want to sell ads?"

customers believe we are not unfamiliar, but the real money off by Taobao, there are a few people? In fact, some things, such as Taobao, although the money, but for some people, it is difficult to operate, because the content of knowledge is limited, and today, I will tell you a few do Taobao’s attention, so as to make you more easy to clear the operation of Taobao customers.


note: before the new year arrives bursting with happiness! Good mood, but there is one of the world’s most sad female friends, I tell her, her tears, her mood, so I have to write this article.

three: to the door post submission

I replied, "are you pretty? If your answer is pretty, I’ll definitely sell it. If I refuse to answer, I’ll never talk to you,"

has been a station for seven years, and I don’t know how many customer service MM have dealt with. I am a more naughty people talking, often angry those customer service MM dumbfounding, every time and they contact business, always let them happy, always let them worry.

"Hey, handsome guy, look at your space, you’re very handsome, your wife is beautiful, your daughter is cute, your writing is good, and she’s good at the government,


promotion Taobao customers, is nothing more than a few ways, today I will list more commonly used and effective promotion model.

the woman is fierce, is this a few minutes to make my family so clear it seems for Kuomintang spy, I replied:


1: blog promotion

believes that every webmaster or customer has talked to a space provider or an enterprise customer service MM. Most of the customers are MM, and the customers are very polite, courteous and patient..

, for example, I often go to A5 and other sites for contributions, the effect is relatively good, can bring a certain site for external, so as to improve the weight of the site. But can give the site of the flow is relatively small, so in the short term, the effect may be a little bit worse, but long-term development is good.

in fact, customer service MM also have bitter and unknown side,

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