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so I asked. When they call the relevant technical departments, asked a lot of problems puzzled me, but their technical staff did not give a reply, half a month, I only saw the group technology replied to a word, that is to have a look at the site of our students before they for the video, look so good, I really try to pay attention to their online video, in fact is that we made the dumpster, apply for advertising alliance, brush flow, using the Muzi software to automatically brush advertising and finally achieve collect advertising practices commission. I still believe it is before, always believe that my own efforts may not be right, and never give up, for these new webmaster, indeed cost us a lot of time and energy, but the network it is amazing, does not mean that your efforts will pay off. After three months of hard work, I still can’t see any good results. Now I have the feeling of being cheated, really sad, not >

then, I joined their group, ask for a long time, obtaining detailed information was Wangzhuan, heart, also can really feel the feasibility of the method is relatively large, so I said nothing, in accordance with the relevant requirements of their remit to the so-called 2 website space and domain name fee of 300 yuan in fact, to be honest, they say the day to earn 200 is not a dream, in fact is to us to buy their space and domain name, after the exchange 300 to their company’s account, they are using alliance advertising to make money. At that time, my joy! Don’t say how glad you are.

today I was out and just behind the times, very happy, and 2 day, I fell behind, the last received PK money 1 days plus 10 points, very happy


let you 1000 yuan a day, not a dream!

The first is to do

after I saw an advertisement on the Internet. In this line Wangzhuan prompted by a sudden impulse, the reason is nothing more than my current job is stable, time is relatively abundant, the result is the interest, and a little extra money earn, investment is not very big, basically meet a standard in early Wangzhuan industry. Well, that AD and its page content does seem to make you move, bright red headline says: "earn 200 is not a dream," members of the church.

            first of all, welcome more friends to visit my three months of painstaking efforts of the "Wuhan know-all station", the station believed to see friends would laugh about it, yes, really feel very funny, more than three months of hard effort, it is so the results, which is really very sad.

but I changed in good times don’t last long, painstaking source code after finishing the relevance of valuable documents and do a simple generalization of the corresponding, and apply for the high credibility of the alliance, such as: Yiqifa alliance, Qihoo alliance, Ali mother alliance and so on, I have registered the relevant information, and put some advertising. But the next time a month, my account is basically no more than 2 yuan, what is the reason of this promising Wangzhuan discount?

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