How can a webmaster who doesn’t know how to make your website make moneyRemittance 1600 yuan disappe

first, a website source, now many sites are open source, templates and procedures are free to release, if you want to use can be directly downloaded and used, such as many webmaster friends to the Wikipedia http:bbs.zzbaike look in the resources they want, here is still relatively complete.

second, website space, just started to suggest to choose a better host free use, preferably in foreign countries, and also don’t believe absolutely free space, there is no absolute free lunch, then we can choose some websites by engaging in activities to earn points for what the space, the effect is also good.

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in fact, these are not difficult, the core technology does not understand, it does not matter, the magic of the Internet is self-evident, you can find anything you want, novice webmaster can do so.

fourth, how to promote the problem, since we do not understand the code of webmaster, then we need to know more SEO optimization promotion knowledge, easy to learn HTML language, for the title, keywords, description of the selection is very good, do the chain, write soft, diligent your pay will be. There is a harvest, but also need to stick to it, do also need to have patience, today is very cruel, more brutal tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is very beautiful, but many people do not see, because they have died in tomorrow night.

first A5 reprinted please indicate the source Encyclopedia : 976751441

third, website traffic problem, this is the key factor that the website can make big money, if PR is very tall, the rank of all sorts of keywords is very advanced, advertisement comes naturally. But to do that, you need to learn more about marketing online.

website advertising to make money, for a time, a popular Internet Wangzhuan, and many webmaster friends now have bothered to earn RMB, look to foreign advertising, but people earn $$, ah, this money is faster. Do you want to take part in this hot money website ranks to do, of course, the skilled webmaster is not what difficult, but for those who do not understand technology, and want to make money in the Internet for people to do?

anyway, stick to it and you’ll win. Do a good job in the website, do the content of the website, popularize well, your station also will be profitable.

the most famous domestic search site sh419 provoke a lawsuit, Hefei netizens Xu believes sh419 PPC suspected of commercial fraud, this morning, he in order to express the form of the Nanjing Baixia District Court civil complaint from Hefei sent to Nanjing sh419 agent company the.

"agreement negotiated by "

"to do business, the key is to allow customers to find you". In October 23rd this year at 1 o’clock in the afternoon, Mr. Xu with the name "bihaiyuntian", made contact through instant communication tools Tencent network and a network called "Dan Ni grass" of the people. Because users said, she is the sh419 network technology Beijing Co., Ltd. Nanjing agent, Nanjing first screen technology Co., Ltd. employees. Mr. Xu said he hoped to promote the site through the company’s search engine, and that Taobao’s SMS alliance would be ranked on sh419 for its friend Liu’s website. After getting a positive reply, Mr. Xu sent his website information via to "Dan Ni Ni", and then, "Dan Ni Ni" responded to the user name and password for it by . Mr. Xu click into the sh419 PPC management background, but also confirmed the first screen technology sh419 proxy qualification and open the user name.

online remittance of money disappeared

"Dancao Ni" said immediately pay the bidding in advance, the day will be able to use the sh419 keyword web site promotion. Mr. Xu immediately through the online bank to the first screen technology called "Li Zhongbing" ABC account open to pay 1600 yuan, according to sh419’s regulations, the actual sh419 account should have 2400 yuan prepaid click fees. Later, Mr. Xu in sh419 background input and submit keywords Taobao short message alliance, more than ten minutes later, Mr. Xu found that his account has not filled money, and then through the urged "Dan Ni Ni."". "I’ll be ready in 5 minutes."!" The other said. But after 1 hours, "Dan Ni Ni" did not respond any more. Mr. Xu , by phone and email, to negotiate with the first screen technology and sh419 Beijing company, the staff does not solve the dodge. Mr. Xu turned to a refund and was refused!

notarization sued after double repayment


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