Under the wave of knowledge sharing headlines today’s Q & a community ready to play

in 2016, has been brewing for a long time to share knowledge finally showing the explosive development. In addition to know deep in this field for many years and shell respectively in different forms to achieve the product morphology and breakthrough on the business model, including Baidu, micro-blog, Himalaya and other more power began to break through. Just this year, which also appeared in today’s headlines figure.


in April this year, today’s headlines headlines formally launched. The gathered 600 million users of content distribution platform seem to be at all angles, and the definition of "people" consumption under the premise of knowledge pay does not comply with the wave tonality in the November world, but the Internet Conference, today’s headlines CEO Zhang Yiming once described the headlines: "ask mechanism in the traditional sense of the answer basically it is based on the social mode, there are many problems, in my opinion, this is precisely the artificial intelligence and the algorithm can solve the. "

, that is to say, in relying on today’s headlines headlines on the quiz, algorithm can help users in 600 million users and about 300000 of "author" in finding the most suitable answer a question of "experts", also can put the "right" answer the need to read the content to them. More critical is that today’s headlines also hope that the future can be automatically generated according to the algorithm of popular events: in the headlines quiz, you probably won’t see something similar to "greeting" invited Xie, because most of the answers to these questions "invited" is produced by machines, even questions and answers are provided by the machine.

looks like it is today’s headlines based on efficiency before the value of the launch of a product. Able to support this system is running on the user to stay on today’s headlines massive data analysis, as well as the company has been regarded as the basis of artificial intelligence algorithm.

What is the

algorithm driven question answering community?

today’s headlines algorithm architect Cao Huanhuan said, the headlines concern is more extensive "ask questions", "we hope that the above is very professional, but we are covered by hundreds of millions of users, it will also cover some is not professional, but the user needs, we in general the coverage has certain advantages. "

open quiz channels headlines today, here you will find the concern of the people and know not the same, but also more "down to earth" tonality. You may see this professional problems similar to the "Russian ambassador killed in Turkey in Ankara, what kind of impact, may also see" why Li Xiaolu will marry Jia Nailiang "gossip like analysis, the possibility of the premise, to see how your usual" training "of today’s headlines app.


(one of the last

channels that has not been "tuned")


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