B2C challenges the traditional shopping mallsYour team needs these 6 modes of thinking

, this is my classification. Many people have more than one mode of thinking. Do you think there’s anything else you can add,

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan


1 dream mode. This model of thinking is always imagining the future and possibilities. Their thinking will be great, the attitude will be optimistic, they are always constantly open up your boundaries of thinking. Their presence will bring positive energy and open vision to the team.

then what kind of smart people do you need? I find that communicating with people who are completely inconsistent with their own patterns of thinking is the biggest gain. Many people with different minds will be fruitful. Here are 6 modes of thinking that I’m always looking for in a team.

as a boss, do you sometimes feel a sense of mental isolation? For me, I need smart people to inspire me around me. Smart ideas don’t come into being alone. Successful businesses need a strong collaborative team.

6 working model. People with this mode of thinking are rich in resources and powerful in execution. In any case, the doer will roll up his sleeves and find a solution. They are the best partners for those who think about grand strategy, because they always make strategy come true.

5 detail mode. This mode of thinking will reflect on all aspects of the plan and the project. Detail thinking focuses on feasibility, allowing others to avoid making stupid mistakes and fatal design flaws. Even in the best of plans, they can find mistakes or improve them.

3 subversion model. Subversive thinking patterns constantly challenge the status quo and get other people out of their own thinking inertia and isolated thinking habits. They bring fresh ideas to the team. My favorite subversive team members are always curious, irrational, and able to spot opportunities and potential competitors for the first time.

2 debate model. Debating patterns of thinking will challenge your assumptions and point out the flaws in your plan. They look at problems far away, and get everyone down to earth and ready. The intensity of their questioning will make you have to consider your arguments carefully.

, it is understood that China’s B2C market after several years of development, the number of sites has been considerable. Ministry of information industry statistics show that in 2005 the B2C market sales figures reached 5 billion 600 million yuan, an increase of 33%. With the further improvement of the online shopping environment in China, the compound growth rate of 2005-2010 is 52%, and it is expected to reach 46 billion RMB in 2010. Shoppers in the B2C model were 14 million in 2004, 16 million in 2005 and an increase of 14%. The number of B2C shoppers in 2006, 2007 and 2008 is expected to be 20 million, 27 million and 38 million respectively. According to the latest data from Analysys shows that the third quarter of 2006 in the total registered users, dangdang 37 million 560 thousand users ranked first, B2C market accounted for the total number of registered users 40%, more than second sites in 18%, up to 16 million 760 thousand people. According to the country’s largest Press – Mechanical Industry Press data show that dangdang book sales in all its dealers in long-term sales ranked first, while ranking second in the online bookstore dangdang accounted for only 30%. According to data from Zhonghua Book Company, one of the largest social science publishing houses in the country, Dangdang is also its largest selling bookstore including wholesale stores, close to 10% of its total sales.


4 drive mode. Drive mode thinker is a natural leader, when they can get disheartened in other people bring huge energy for the team, can make all the work to promote the rapid speed. They will be ruthless and attentive in the process of planning, and keep the whole team focused.

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