Cause failure analysis and successful introduction of Taobao customersWeChat advertising is a number

2. mass link. This link may survive, often because of lax supervision group. However, the group Shuabing brush so fast, how many people you can see the link, see how many people can buy? You are a little more hair, the main group not happy will kick you.

said, "do stand, I will not do shopping guide Station.". The reason has already been mentioned in the last article. Simply put, we do the idea of the station is like this: choose goods –> according to commodity site content –> website optimization –> get traffic –> produce purchasing behavior –> commission.

first talk about non webmaster, they carry the gold rush dream, everywhere hair link, group, bbs. Be deleted posts, blocked speech, still persistent. But how many people make money,


, do not belittle this 10% Commission, WeChat currently received advertising public number at least dozens to one million. And you can accumulate these advertising resources and connect advertisers with traffic owners. In less than a year, you’ll be a mobile advertising man. Later on the resource cooperation, delivery, conversion rate and so on, you have the data, I think a lot of people will give you money. So, what about some personal micro signals? It’s also a big goldmine. But the most important thing is that such things do not have any inputs, basically human power. Even if you do not do well, you will not lose much money.


merchandise relates to the content of the website. Is also the premise of success or failure. Don’t try to include all the goods, so what are you going to do next?

now many public numbers are missing advertising resources, because the ads are received every day, so every day to find. There are still many part-time jobs, and there is no time for advertising. Many people who want to find public advertising resources often fail to find advertising resources. At present, most of the public numbers are found in group inside. group is not a good place is difficult to find information, a scraper disappeared, and a lot of people do not often online.

the following reasons under the Amoy of disillusion.

there is also that these public numbers can only be pushed once a day, and if there is no scheduled list, there is no harvest today. So many public numbers will be cheaper in the afternoon than in the morning, because if you don’t answer, you’ll have eggs today after the push. This does not like us to do the website, when wants to advertise, can control by oneself. So, if you have the time, you can actually do it. You get 10% per basic Advertising Commission is not excessive. I also have the public number, and if there is such an agent to help us do these things, I am quite willing. Because every day to send ads to the group will be looking for a long time, it is a waste of manpower, and sometimes may not be able to pull, because dozens of groups, you are not always staring at. So I’m sure you’ll be willing to pay a commission if you do that.

, next to a lot of webmaster. Many webmaster do seem to have a little technical content, but not clever to go there. It is a copycat Taobao registered domain name, spend tens of dollars to buy a broken space, from the Internet to the next Taobao passenger stations, called Taobao navigation station. So, the moment, the emergence of the Internet shopping station. Tens of thousands of… Then start to dream about earning large quantities of gold each day. The heart of self obscenity, think they get so many goods promotion, shop promotion, have made a fortune. If it’s that simple, a fool can make money.


below, let’s talk about how to do a good job for Taobao customers.

1. forum hair promotion stick. The Tao is quite miserable. Hard typing post, and then pushed to the front of their registration vest to be found, but the moderator, who delete posts, or gag. The plan of dreams is nipped in the cradle. Miserable,

as if we are now the company’s 2 intermediary aunt is. Here, the more than 2000 suite of intermediary business is basically they have to eat, and the relocation rate here is very high, because it was originally living room. Many people start a company here. A large company is not appropriate, there are many small companies, do a few months can not afford to go. The outside line is 50% intermediary commission, they only accept 30% intermediary fees, 20% less than the intermediary company. So almost all the people who came to look for the house were looking for them. They put a small table at the entrance, write a few characters and telephone, where there is nothing to do, just wait for the phone. Owners are also very reassuring to them, because they are also the owners here, but in fact they are neighbors, everyone is familiar with. Now they can rent almost 2 to 3 units a day, with an average of about 600 to 800 commission a day. The 3 offices I rent now are for them to find. This 2>

The choice of

forum posting and group link method is obviously not advisable, whether you agree or not, anyway, I think so. We’re going to be the station,


1. how to choose goods.

Taobao’s fire is not two days a day. Taobao is also a lot of people, students, idle, boring woman. And, of course, our poor stationmaster.

3. buy procedures to do shopping guide station. This is the practice of many webmaster. Shopping guide Station of a wide range of content, and the name is often associated with Taobao, the interface is very similar, homogenization is very serious. Homogenization is a terrible phenomenon. Such a station to do out, the impression is often fake to the user, lack of trust. Buying behavior is based on trust, and the user’s trust needs to be nurtured slowly. Don’t expect users to buy goods when they see them. Since then, the purchase behavior will be difficult to produce.

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