How should websites analyze your competitorsSeaking do some beginner should have the mentality

Wangzhuan foundation for the development of the domestic or foreign Wangzhuan developed in the information under the guidance, I have a technical basis for a friend of the United States is like me, he told me, in this industry, the development of the United States is very formal, long-term operation of the money can project a lot, at home or in the development stage upward, also that is to say, there is a great space for development.


Wangzhuan is to work to have an additional objective income, so all of the action to make money for the purpose. Many people may be to Wangzhuan is three days, two days, a joke, if so I think in the profits of the project, you collect in operation is also a great possibility of failure.

three, impatient, patient

often see some novice, take on a project is supposed to be a very stable project, in other people do well, in the early 5, insist on less than 6 days time, you want to give up, you may know a lot of projects not immediately see the effect, there is a pre paving process. If you think a project can be done, stick to it, and one day you will get what you want.

network is finding a good teacher, a constant learning attitude and consistent execution.

uses the word "desire" to describe, but to give you a more intuitive understanding of how important a strong belief is to our project success. If you want to play in the higher their own piece of the sky, then have a strong desire to make money will make you into a disadvantage, a rise directly to a high position.

do some correct attitude Wangzhuan need:

Wangzhuan can earn money? I believe many beginners will have such a doubt, Wangzhuan can earn money? There is no doubt that any one person to a new industry will have similar questions in contact for Wangzhuan, due to the nature of network information hiding, not intuitive, many for this problem is strong.

is actually very simple, if your competitors ranked very good at sh419, a popular word in sh419 ranked first page, then go to his analysis in sh419 search engine is how to do, if he is in the first row of shlf1314, also we will analysis how he was doing in the shlf1314. At sh419 and shlf1314 domain, his home page, see how he did SEO, and see which sites left his track. And then do everything possible to go to these stations to add their own chain. SEO is a long and long term job, and we should do it for a long time and regularly. A lot of time, easily dropped by search engines, and even into the sandbox, the network part-time network has encountered such a situation, into the shlf1314 sandbox, therefore, friends avoid by all means!

customized a plan for yourself, such as your competitors are very strong, there are thousands of thousands of the chain, then you do not fear, what process is accumulated. With your own time, your plan is to add to the chain every 10 pages of the search engine every day, see how he does it, and you follow suit. You might say, his PR is very high, how can I find PR higher than I do Links station? These you do not worry, go to some forums such as irrigation, the weight of the A5 forum is very high, the signature can also outside the chain, on your site is very helpful, you want to beat the competition, we must constantly to the high weight site to increase their outside chain. In addition, build a number of high weight blog, link each other, so as to improve the weight of the blog, but also improve the weight of your website. Those low weight you don’t give up, if it is related to the industry, you also try to stay outside the chain, especially BBS, the breadth of the chain is also very important. Skilled in some irrelevant high weight BBS to do the chain, this is a technical live.

, a strong desire to make money,

The secret of making money on the

four, Ping >

original network part-time network wljzw, reproduced friends, please keep, thank you!

‘s first question like this:


said so much, so how do we analyze our competitors,

, any industry has competitors, Adsense this industry competition is especially fierce. A industry site, can have thousands of tens of thousands of types of competitors, we should keep an invincible position in the competition, we have to treat competitors seriously, and often analyze how they achieved success. We do not advocate the use of malicious means, so destroyed the industry, in fact, hurt themselves. We should protect our circle first, then pursue the survival of the fittest in competition.

short, every day we work diligently, will bring some return, the webmaster to succeed God helps those who help themselves, in this industry, only hard work, diligence, diligence and

SOOHO Wangzhuan forum will be a guide to this, so that we can have a clear direction in the confused times.

two, a positive learning attitude,

this is not to say, everyone is from scratch, all need to learn, continue to study, continue to study, you will find the most suitable for your network, super money making methods.

I do not rule out a lot of online fraud, and earn hundreds of such tempting information, everywhere trickster. But what I want to tell you is that an industry where there is no one who makes money or has no future, has no chance of being there and growing.



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