10 successful quotes from you on the way to successGGV source of capital children Yang from millet

4. "I think failure is nothing more than a small collision in the course of an enterprise’s life, which will make you stray from the target track.". My definition of failure is not whether it has achieved the desired goal at last, but whether you have done everything you can in the whole process." — Sara Blakely>

Tong Shihao judges whether or not the project throws or throws. The dimensions are the time points and the team.

as an entrepreneur, you need a winning strategy that must be based on offering exceptional quality services or products, but this "good" isn’t going to happen overnight. Keep on doing your best to do everything well, and you’ll be able to hold out until the end of the marathon.

it is clear that social and cultural differences are not a barrier to investment for Tong Shihao. Tong Shihao has been following his emphasis on investment from a sociological perspective. And the way to understand society is nothing more than a combination of theory and practice.

2. "excellence is a habit, not just a one or two performance."." – – Aristotle,

theory, Tong likes reading books on history and sociology, ranging from Renaissance to modern history, from Asia to Europe and america. Secondly, the investment can not be separated from research, Tong Shihao’s institution, Ji capital GGV will use a variety of Internet means, interviews and third parties, for major provinces and cities to do research, collect feedback from all levels of users.

entrepreneurship is a journey toward success. It’s more like a marathon than a sprint. However, if you really participated in the marathon, you have deep experience: on the starting line is extremely excited, but ran halfway, you will feel that you are stepping into difficulties, speed is less than 18 miles out of state.

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Franklin, one of the signers of the declaration of independence, was also a publisher and one of America’s most successful business executives of the times. Written by Franklin’s "Qung Richard business book Almanac" Poor Richard s Almanac ", until today, still full of eternal wisdom because of wealth and planning and being talked about. Rational planning is one of the principles for building success. To start a business, make a plan and define where you are going.


Tong Shihao told the state elder brother, American IOS download charts, the top 10 hit 3 home shopping application of Tong Shihao, of which 2 were early investment; in India, he was involved in the investment of the top two local electricity supplier company Flipkart and Snapdeal; in China, he is millet, red book, wish investors.

1. "without preparation is ready to fail."." — Benjamin, ·, Franklin,

practice, Tong Shihao lived in the United States for more than 20 years, mainland China lived for eight years, Taiwan thirteen years, Singapore three years, Hongkong three years, has seen different changes in society in different countries. He experienced a process in the United States company from small scale growth for the unicorn. These are lessons.

investment is well done and what is relevant," GGV, managing partner of Jiyuan capital management, told Tong Shihao: "playing basketball and sociology.".

other people watch the game is a rest, Tong Shihao watching the game is pondering. For a person who is curious and who likes to study deeply, everything is the same.

3. "you want to be able to do the best you can, so find each of these problems and solve them one by one."." — Elon Musk

time point, he preferred to choose the eve of the outbreak of the market. How to judge an outbreak point or a sociological approach?. When the new technology and model come out, whether the society can tolerate, encourage and accept its development is the foundation of whether the project is established or not.

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, a team that continues to win titles, has an organizational system that must be better than others, and has a greater ability to accumulate and analyze data. Every time after the game, all the progress should be recorded, each player how to compete with competitors must be data. A start-up company to do products, but also must have feedback, the use of data to help adjust the strategy and deployment, selection of talent, with the team.

was born in Taiwan and grew up in the United States. Tong Shihao liked basketball and American football very much. As he learned more about the history of American teams establishing the dynasty, he found that it was very similar to forming a team and leading an entrepreneurial company.

create good quality? The answer is constantly improving. Mask is one of the finest, adventurous entrepreneurs in the industry he believes that the quality of the company from those about how you should carries on the improvement to the product of the Everfount feedback, you must find a way to get it, learn it and to succeed as feedback to improve the content.


lead: there are also different peaks and troughs on the road to the growth of entrepreneurs. We have compiled 10 famous quotes, and hope they will bring you forward

in the growth of entrepreneurs on the road will have a distinct peak and trough, so Xiaobian compiled the 10 famous quotes below, hope they will bring forward momentum for you, whether you are in the stage of the marathon.

Tong Shihao decided to drop when, many people questioned its high risk, the country may implement control, the project will be very burn money. However, he believes that if left out of the details, from the perspective of social development, to support the city of Beijing, a twenty million population level operation, traffic to bear great challenges. Public delivery >

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