Through the study of 75 companies we found these characteristics of listed SaaS companiesshlf1314 A

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 :     this new ad format in the end can bring how much effect is unknown, whether it will increase advertising PV and reduce the number of clicks, also forget the advertising Adsense to provide the latest information.

in order to understand these companies listed conditions, Bowery Capital and Jefferies Vittetoe assistant Loren investment banking staff James Shalhoub 2 and compared their IPO prospectus S-1 and IPO files.




these benchmarks are interesting, but it’s unfair to apply these to the entire SaaS field. As a result, we classify SaaS listed companies into three categories based on the valuation of equity at the time of listing: market capitalization below $500 million, market capitalization between $500 million and $1 billion, and market capitalization of over $1 billion. At the same time, we analyze the SaaS related growth, profitability, allocation of funds, efficiency and other factors to discover deeper trends.


investors demand a technology company’s revenue growth should be higher than other industries, SaaS’s benchmark even higher, after all the advantages of SaaS company can deploy their products with relative ease. As a result, management can spend more resources on acquiring users and expanding sales. However, as shown below, large SaaS companies face a great risk.

        union observation report: these days to open their own blog, from time to time will find shlf1314 Adsense advertising inside 4 key links, so the Internet search, did not find the relevant reports.

      reprinted, please indicate the source: Union observation

if you’re the founder, early employee, or investor of a growing SaaS startup, you might have the word "exit" in your mind. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of startups withdrawal mechanism: takeover or ipo. The former has always been a viable option, while the open market is still relatively new to SaaS start-ups. In June 2014, Salesforce became the first listed SaaS company, the first day of listing, the stock price rose 30% compared to the issue price. The success of Salesforce shows how well the market is accepting SaaS. Over the next few months, BlackBuff and RightNow have also been listed, and since then, more than 75 SaaS companies have been listed.

, the SaaS company with a market capitalisation of over $1 billion, has increased its value in the past 12 months

according to historical data, SaaS companies have been listed, the median enterprise founded 10 years, has 530 employees, operating income of nearly 100 million U.S. dollars, an increase of about 48%, but still in a loss. Such enterprises listed in the market value of $600 million, the first day of listing, shares rose 32%. The following table shows some data profiles for listed SaaS Enterprises:

‘s high expectations for growth

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