Wang Xiaochuan dialogue Fu Sheng 2016 Chinese nternet entrepreneurs go from here

recently, Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan and the cheetah CEO Fu Sheng’s "business China" program, together with the host Hu Haiquan, around China enterprises "sea", and entrepreneurship, the development of artificial intelligence, VR/AR and other issues in the dialogue. For the upcoming March 9th chess master Li Shi and AlphaGo players, Wang Xiaochuan and Fu Shengchi different attitude.


AI AlphaGo can beat the go master Li Shi?

in the face of the upcoming March 9th "playing chess", Wang Xiaochuan is very optimistic about the strength of AlphaGo, and gives the "artificial intelligence will win the human" assertion.

Wang Xiaochuan analysts believe that this game compared to last year’s European PK has two major changes: one is the Google is using the parallel platform, it will be called for more resources to tens of thousands of machines to do the calculation; two from last November to March this year with the European game, and after four or five months of time, AlphaGo chess the program can be like Jin Yong in the novel the old urchin about each stroke of the technology, continue to learn and improve in the process. "I think the reason is the victory of man and machine competition, just like a car to run, once beyond you can run faster than you."

Fu Shengchi cautious attitude, although he believes that in the long run, artificial intelligence will eventually win over the human race, but the game, he is still more optimistic about Li Shi.

VR rise, will end the human


in Wang Xiaochuan seems, VR development of the two trends, one is to upgrade the real world. For example, in the field of education, and even in the process of buying a car to buy a house; the other is the arrival of VR, will bring a revolution in the field of games and movies. VR will bring about the liberation of the physical and mental power, which also means that the physical and mental difficulties in the embodiment of their own value. Jobs will be reduced and the distribution of human society will change. People will blur the real world and the virtual world, humans will also find their own value and significance.

Fu Shengze believes that VR will certainly make people indulge in this, but the addiction is not a bad thing, it is part of the world. But people will know that all of the VR is embodied in the world of imagination and existing cognitive. There are a lot of things we do not know, it is impossible to imagine, then how to do? To explore, go out. One is to go inside, one to go out, the two must be combined.

China enterprises at home or abroad to fight

?Although China’s

market is broad, but also the most intense competition. How to choose the business path to achieve the goals of the enterprise, Fu Sheng think that the nature of the competition is the choice of the region. If you choose the overseas market, only put all their energy into all of the time, it is possible to win. In the local life of Chinese grappling, is Chinese market >

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