Talk about my website operation skillsN cover school some guidelines for shlf1314 Adsense

website learning professional website, users include website construction, website planning, website promotion, website operation, Web2.0 P2P and 3G VC and entrepreneurial crowd. Clear positioning in this population, within a year will not expand their positioning, this kind of people’s preferences habits character. Do the classification according to the layout. Clear thinking in: only professional web site, not to do bigger and bigger. In 2007, the website’s small and medium-sized website survival is uses the specialty to strengthen the website user’s stickiness, shunting other comprehensive website user. Such small and medium-sized website, in limited manpower, material resources, financial resources, doing professionals is the best way out of small and medium-sized websites.

these days have been very busy, busy, I forgot a day is how the past, BLOG has been a few days without my original article. Today, I’m finally free to sit down and write BLOG. Today I’m writing about how I can work on my website’s operation information network in 20 days.
        what is the website operation, on-line I sh419 once, looked is like this tells, is after the website completes all work. I don’t quite agree with the definition of website operation. I think website operation means you and website are in love.
        my own website operation is divided into: website positioning analysis, website planning, website construction, network marketing, website operators and other parts and complete the construction site is not after all work.

two, website planning: clear positioning and thoughtful
A clear introduction of the website and the website of

shlf1314 Adsense products

welcome to N cover school, the first lesson about shlf1314 Adsense, nonsense, not to mention, first give you some hot.
shlf1314 Adsense advertising applications address:

Some principles of

shlf1314 Adsense
1. some optimization rules at home and the best advertising style is not the number of squares
2. each page above more than 3.shlf1314 advertising price is in accordance with the time lapse. That is to say, the first out of the advertisement price is highest, then each price is more and more low
3.shlf1314 with other advertising advertising such as sh419 and so on the same page.

, uh, can not think of it, the next class and then add it to.

to operate the contents of the website itself can reflect the advantage. Based on the soul of their website to grasp the site planning. Website project period: time to clear the table, the time distribution of the stage, can accurately see their work in what to do when, budget: website space domain name, web site production costs. Because the webmaster can own website so the cost is very few, this is why so many webmaster entrenched in the Internet, the overall layout of the site structure, the code is simple not pile, considering the site SEO, also taking into account the website with the change of SEO can vary, minimize later because of these problems the increased workload, in consideration of website design, website or program development, to know the website not only to search engines, and >

1. never cheat old
2. for each account can only address corresponding to a personal name for the family to apply for ID cards, pay attention to the.
3. do not attempt to login on the same machine on multiple accounts. The body in the field of webmaster, want to see the data when you endure it, do don’t use the webmaster friends machine login, even careful. Use some reports sent multiple accounts income every day to the specified mailbox.
4. keep the machine clean, do not click on any shlf1314.
5. if a few points of advertising advertising, please login several accounts, temporary files to clean the machine above all browsers the cookie and IP
6., and the complete replacement of
7. point of each other will die site registered account clean, shlf1314 don’t care whether you put ads on the website.
8. website content is 100% pornographic Letter. Copyrighted content can know shlf1314 people in case you do.
10.shlf1314 income rises too fast will die if you want to be with K,.shlf1314 not only care about the effect of cheating is good, do not care whether you cheat in fact, with the first and there is no conflict, can slowly understand all advertising
11.shlf1314 delivery come out, will monitor the conversion rate, conversion rate is not up to the standard must be K. Even if not k, will be down the right. the specific proportion will not say
12.shlf1314 has been pushing for a product, called shlf1314 Analytics, must be very welcome. Everyone by the webmaster what is the main function of this thing? K. It is used to monitor the AD conversion rate and monitor whether you cheat. Hey, are you scared of.

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