Talking about the operation ideas of used vehicle websites from the experience of website developmen

often hear a word: God is not afraid of the same opponent, afraid of pigs as teammates, obviously, "pig" in our impression is not a good name, Lei Jun called themselves "pig", I don’t think anyone really think Lei is "pig", which is more in the self black and. Why "from the black" and "self mockery"? Because black and self mockery is the Internet marketing tool, these years, "tuyere theory" for millet has gained a lot of attention. Remember the 2015 World Internet Conference Lei Jun "affection" at Zhou Hongyi sleeping pictures? After 360 made from black posters and a series of H5 spread rapidly, this thing to refresh the entire Internet, this is from the black power.


Lei Jun’s "tuyere theory" can not remember when to put forward, but the internet almost everyone knows. Lei Jun said this is only modest words, modesty is the Chinese character dictates, but also a traditional virtue. With the "air outlet" to reveal their success, and many people congratulated me, "the most powerful brain" international won, I replied that "good luck" is the same.

one, Xiang love unforgettable, sharing is the best gift

1, fellow villagers in Hunan, good afternoon, did you see the strongest brain last night?

one, first month: Copy+searchBug

in the first month to find the car just over the net, my team and I am the only person I is also head of team members, and my daily work is always so boring, every day the same work, from morning to 8 hours a day to work, has been in copy the website of the other car with the car, buy the source, in order to fill the whole website. Later, contact further found that the site there are still many problems in the procedure, began to organize the Bug report, repeated daily Copy content for Bug…… for a long time, I began to have feelings for the work site, also have their own ideas.

two, second months: Article pseudo original + original +SEO optimization promotion mainly outside the chain promotion

is my "The Brain" more than Binjing, is also a blue titanium 253CEO cattle, born in Hunan Zhuzhou, a business in Shanghai. Go back to Hunan and Shanghai do not always feel a lot like fun, so a Hunan Rice noodles, eat authentic Hunan, Hunan listen to pure tone, really

mobile Internet Summit held in Hunan, Changsha in 2017, Xiong Xiaoge, Yao Jinbo, Cheng Wei and other big brother and more than 3000 customers gathered in Hunan Province, Yuelu. The enterprise service boom, held in April 1st by the special forum for enterprise innovation and development a blue 253 host, coincides with the day before the evening "The Brain" broadcast, on behalf of China Hall of fame over a blue CEO Hall of fame overseas that drew a cow on titanium. The following is a live statement of the titanium cattle:

website now, I find in the development and growth of car network, will continue to encounter a variety of problems, some old problems also have new problems have never met before, so I struggled to enrich themselves, only in this way can I lead my team constantly to solve all sorts of unexpected problems. From the perfect website to enrich website to optimize your website to stable website now, looking back over the net to find the car more than three months since the day, sad is intertwined with sweat, I step by step to find the car from a net weight even with some wood included into this station, weight with the included the basic stability of the station, I encountered numerous problems, but also solve the numerous problems. Busy time, even a day sitting in front of the computer, in addition to the toilet to drink slobber time are wood, the eyes have been staring at a computer screen, hands on the keyboard has been constantly beating, sit for hours still are normal.

in recent years, the development of China’s automobile industry is very rapid, many global brands have entered the market, China, first time to grab a piece of fat, which also led to the development of some related to the automotive industry affiliated industry, while the second-hand car industry is to take this opportunity to rapidly rise. What’s the catch of this second-hand car? It must be cheap". Who does not love cheap? So, second-hand car market is now regarded as a meat and potatoes, but if you want the "xiangbobo" on the "bite" one, it needs to have a unique vision with a keen sense of touch. As a professional used car website operators find car network, I am in the second-hand vehicle website development, have their own experience, then I will share with you some experience since I took over the web site operators find the car network for more than 3 months of

two, "wind" is only modest words, "pig" is only from the black

has the idea to implement, since the site is filled, and the problem is almost solved, then what we have to do is to improve the website >

‘s work experience for three months:

From the beginning of the establishment of the

is not here today to teach you how to be black, I want to share two points: 1, do not pursue the wind, but when you want to grasp

2, this 253 years in the enterprise communication field is developing very quickly, some specific figures for some reason is not convenient to disclose, but can give you a few simple figures, our 2016 revenue increased 4 times, sending SMS verification code has increased 6 times, the platform registered entrepreneurs and developers over 110 thousand. 253, the rapid development has also been a lot of attention, especially the hometown of Hunan people. Give me a share today’s theme is "business, do not vent pig, do the wild wolf" to share behind the rapid growth, we have valuable experience, hoping to bring some thinking and results to you.


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