Jiuyinzhenjing station webmaster experience

is the first jiuyinzhenjing martial arts secrets, who have jiuyinzhenjing arena to do the site immediately catch up with extreme ease, 123.

In fact, the so-called

cheats are anything but a commonplace talk of an old scholar, had to talk about, because a lot of people do not pay attention to it, with a blood, you want to build a good catch up with 123 individual stations, build up the family fortunes in personal webmaster domain, it also reflects the contemporary people impetuous psychology.

in order to complete the site, in fact, very simple, calm down, think about whether to do the following 9.

one, the direction of the site selection,

Wu also points inside and outside work, or substance or evil action, large portal sites should belong to the internal strength, needs a lot of manpower, financial resources, we can not practice, ranging from 3 to 5 years, as long as 10 years, so I don’t waste the youth. We learn a Yizhaobanshi around the arena, such as local station, industry station, site and practice, is a better and more refined, I Eighteen Stages to Subdue a Dragon unbeatable, Murong school that this school is ultimately fail on the verge of success, we according to their own conditions and hobbies to choose is the most important, of course, also some people want to practice the world evil action station, X station, the color is not junk. Invincible Eastern also do the first martial arts.

two, the choice of domain name

choose a direction, should have a loud name, not a resounding name in the arena is really not a good mix, we should at least level of improper expansion, a like Zhang Sanfeng.. Do not take a Zhang three, Li four, who remember, the domain name is the first to remember well, and then in order to do SEO, the best include keywords, can play twice the result with half the effort. Talk about the choice of space, stability is the first priority, the election space should also be analyzed, from your direction of the site, as well as the overall development. When fighting skills are low, it’s good to find a small house. When you can dominate one party, why do you want a villa?.

three, program selection


program is the webmaster weapon, daoqiangjianji ax hook fork on the Internet to find a suitable program thousands on thousands of, the best, the important point is to choose good don’t change, the most taboo to change an old traveller Baidu web site framework, a weapon is likely to cause their death.

four, title tittle describes the selection of the description keyword keywords

SEO said this category, I do not speak, because I am also a novice, I will select the tittle, must not be replaced by Baidu do not trust, do not frequent replacement of tittle keyword within a short period of time, easy to let an old traveller who think we cheat. I just think the user experience is the most important, what your website has, you write in the title, describe to be realistic, keyword to represent your website, this is the best policy.

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