Personal Adsense of those things explore included by Baidu

waiting, uncertainty, confusion and no understanding, with these feelings, let me slowly through 15 days. This time I have the most network is Alexa, check rankings, check traffic, check Baidu, Google included……

all the 15 days of the experience, let me to experience as a webmaster, I am far from it, many of the basic to start. At first, because of the lack of understanding of the website, the content of the website is basically reprint, and the SEO is optimized too, which makes the search busy and has blocked the website. These and I used to think differently, think before the line on the website as long as the legal content, will take the initiative to search engine included, Baidu included some rules for knowing the results as can be imagined.

so this time I read a lot about this aspect of the introduction, slowly began to my website for a change, because I believe that since there are rules, it’s not entirely without hope, not to wait a long time to be included. Since there are rules of the game, that’s easy,

so, finally in fifteenth days on the line, my site has been search engine all included, although this is a very simple thing for many webmaster, but for a novice to me, is a breakthrough, but also let me learn a lot of knowledge.

, let me talk about some of the experience I’ve learned during this period.

1, the original site is very important, but I found a lot of new Adsense reaction, a lot of the original, or Baidu for a long time are not included, I have summarized some experience, is to search some original users and interested in the topic, do spiders (finally know the name of spiders) also be interested in, not to evaluate your garbage station station.

2, SEO optimization, begin to do a website, I just found on the Internet with the SEO keyword, a promotion, and then study a lot of SEO keywords, that these are most users search, easy to start, if Baidu keywords included included certainly many. As a result, day by day and so on, Baidu has not included, I from Google (Google 8 days included) there to see, included pages and keywords have nothing to do with, all content page. I quickly put all the SEO stack canceled, the web has become very clean, and then submitted a web page to Baidu, after 2 days, Baidu included 40.

3, when there is a station in Chinese posting webmaster, a moderator recommended me to their forum spider to post, is said to help included, can lead spider, I was skeptical to send a message, it seems 2 days ago, I think it is helpful.

4, and finally summed up the point is that friendship can not be added to the chaos, do not add K has been over the site, as if this is not conducive to included it, I added some, quickly deleted.


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