Planning design and regular study of talent navigation website

Planning, design and rule research of

talent navigation

now do site navigation, pay attention to a feature to have special words, so I can play, from this perspective, we through the analysis of the station site navigation and planning is put forward and "talent home" and "talent navigation" and "talent." the purpose is through the classification and planning to achieve outstanding web site navigation development. Therefore, from this point of view, there is a certain desirability.

Site navigation classification and design of

based on the traditional, good horses launched a "talent navigation", combined with the four major portals, Tencent, Sina, Sohu and NetEase, according to the news, blog, technology and sports channel, the organic combination of effective information and personnel to form the portal site, has become a talent vertical navigation the personnel in navigation, total 50 effective authority personnel website, the national breakdown of 4 municipalities, 23 provinces, 5 autonomous regions, including Taiwan human bank, covering 90% of the country’s territory, to facilitate the work so that it can provide direct guidance for the talents.

should be said that this classification is reasonable, because only the national coverage of major provinces and municipalities directly under the central government, to ensure that the user login can find yourself looking for talent website, so as to provide convenience, but also provides planning, but also provides the classification.

should be said that from the traditional site navigation in the classification pattern, such as the industry classification, entertainment, life information, network technology, industry and so on; in the lower side of the game, the local service package stand-alone network game, and so on; the upper left corner part is the tool selection, the purpose is to provide various types of network query service for users. On the whole, there are Google search, Baidu search, MP3 search, video search, image search, know and paste it, also include all kinds of common mailbox landing, and so on. The entire site planning and design covering 2 recommended column advertising, basically in line with the convenience of users online needs, it should be said that everything, providing 90% of Internet users demand, roughly formed the first version. In the background management, draw lessons from the pseudo static HTML technology, to achieve the site can be included in the search engine goals, to optimize the provision of great convenience and space.

from the perspective of the market, the following personnel in ranked in the home page, page first; talent in navigation, ranked first pages; talent web site, on page fourth in Comprehensive factors show that Google is more friendly than Baidu, included in the more reliable; in the case of as follows: talent in the home page, ranked first pages; personnel in navigation, ranked first pages; talent web site, on page fourth in The composite factor shows that Google is more friendly than Baidu

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