Secret online shopping buyers consumer psychology


for a family of online shopping, product search is the primary stage in different shops through comprehensive comparison between price, quality, evaluation, to determine the order and wait for the receipt and confirmation of receipt, give the evaluation, to complete the whole process of online shopping. In a sense, the era of information explosion, consumers have more choices, but just as an old saying goes: people in the past, because happiness is not selective, now people do not because of too much happiness is selective. So, what is the basis for the buyers to face the huge amount of information every day, and what are the most important factors that determine the buyer’s purchase?


cost-effective is the first choice,

is cheap, is the first choice of Internet users choose online shopping, this is only relative to the entity shop. And in the massive homogenization of serious Taobao market, cheap price is not the buyer’s choice of the first important standard. Because many buyers are worried about the quality of low-priced goods, there is a problem, preferring to choose moderate priced goods. In choosing the price of the goods, the cost is the most important factor buyers. Now many buyers have had several years of experience in online shopping, know how to distinguish what is worth to buy goods, this kind of goods should take the initiative to give up, therefore, the higher the price of goods, the more buyers the opportunity.

simplification is the second requirement,

society is now a "spike" era, for online shopping is even more so. As a result, most buyers are becoming impatient as they buy goods, and the more concise and clear marketing tools are welcomed by buyers, the faster decisions they can make. If the information is too complex, but will allow buyers to decide the trouble, and finally choose to close the store page. Last year, our store did a tie-in promotion activities, to buy a commodity increased by 37 yuan, you can buy clothes below 100 yuan, and so on, divided into 4 grades. The purpose of this promotion is to achieve the effect of related marketing. But because there is a district commodity price is only 6.5 yuan minimum, after the beginning of the activity, buyers all rush to order, buy the cheapest area clothes, simply have no time to take into account this tie-in promotion activities. Finally, the statistics show that less than 100 of the 900 clothes sold are sold by tie-in. So, the simpler the discount, the better.


word of mouth effect is the third factor

for online shopping is through pictures and text reading after the purchase orders, not by trying on or feeling of experience to understand the full range of commodity information, therefore, the evaluation is buyers as an important way of reference. In the evaluation of the content, the buyer pays more attention to the clothing such as size, color, fade, wrinkles, fuzzing and other issues, there is no conflict with the need to determine the expected heart, finally decided to purchase orders.


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