About how to do local purchasing site for novices

Hello, first came to the A5 station network construction of local post share group purchase website experience, of course I was a novice, published opinion, generous with your criticism.

as you all know, there is a test phase in the initial stage of website construction. In order to let Baidu better included your site, that can be sustained in the search engine, is very important, this is a capital you and business negotiation.

At the beginning of 1, the first

website to update daily goods regularly, generally do not take the group purchase program system so we have more to add items to enrich the contents of the text introduces information better by spiders to crawl. (of course, but to integrate an article system)

2, every day high quality of the heart of the chain was included. The chain for the emperor, but must be of high quality, not to spend money to buy cheap chain, because they take your website and other websites together to send through the post, it is easy to seal, and the influence of the website is not good. Local buy site, my city Amoy group, we are Pingyi County, so the post will be around this group of Pingyi hair, in order to obtain higher directional flow, and traffic value conversion rate. Like Pingyi, Pingyi forum, those who often go around, post more. Because it is local, and local webmaster to make a friend is a very good choice..

3 has to change its website every day. Confidence will only take place when there is a change. We do these websites, the initial stage of development is certainly not smooth sailing, at this time we have to step by step to build their own web site. Every day has the change, only then can see the hope. Believe in yourself, go forward, not discouraged, do not escape, and,

we are talking about the novice this time, how to build local group buying net.

local group buying network has the advantages of small competition and great market development potential, but the disadvantage is that there are few resources and small consumption groups. (of course, I’m doing it in county-level cities.)

when the construction of a group buying network has been successful, the next step is to cooperate with the merchants.

to find a strong business, do not fear the nose hit ash, failure is the mother of success, not because of a non cooperation and give up cooperation, not to give up their own group buying business. Businesses do not cooperate with you will be justified, this is what you need to change the place, or enhance other aspects to make up for this deficiency, find a strength of the business, you can make faster development, this is a borrowing power to do evil.

competitor analysis. The art of war, and in order to understand baizhanbudai, compared with competitors gap between you. If the hard and soft power is not on, it is more than characteristics, innovation, innovation is priceless. For example, we have a seat and I have the same site, the other hard and soft power all over me, this time not only to find a breakthrough, find the breakthrough point, the other is lacking, such as each other in the delicacy we can make certain the most special.

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