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this is an internal share, the new department students wanted me to talk about my past in the interaction design, make a face entry grade of PPT, and all the simple chat. Sent to micro-blog, but also urged themselves to interact with the design experience to do a simple summary. – a similar article that seems to have been written three years ago……

one. What is interactive design,


wants to talk about is interactive design, want to understand these a few concepts first.


‘s web design, probably from 2004 began to heat up, until I graduated in 2006, the streets are computer training institutions, remember prize.the hundred days before training thousands in my daily work must go through the crossroads.

Pay attention to

‘s web design is a specific, that is the effects of the technology behind, do not you see when the page is for people to see dazzling ah, here bling bling sparkling, floating box jumping. Then there is a variety of web design templates, and a lot of complex, similar to the right of such a typical government website out.


art times:

web design era, a large number of "artists" emerged. Obviously, people have a higher pursuit, just bling bling dazzling animation effects have been tired of, and web pages also need decorative landscaping. Although the Web Design Forum (www.68design.net) was a fire at that time, the title of web designer was still wishful thinking. Most of the time, it’s still the "art" of the boss and the client".

In the age of

art, attention was paid to visual effects. And the bosses who knew nothing about web design became senior visual connoisseurs. Art era, "art" is very painful – purely by visual effects to assess the quality of work, too subjective, too casual. As a result, they usually do N versions and change them over and over again until the artist crashes or the boss crashes.


history has entered the great UI era.

is probably in 2005, I became a celebrity worship network Icon Master Rokey from mouse painted at small (back in 2005, I was watching this article: Inspiration from life mobile – Microsoft Asia Academy of engineering equipment group UI designer Zhang Wei). Also learned a number of knowledge about UI, began to infatuated with the wonderful world of PS pixel level.

UI=User Interface. has incorporated User into user interface design considerations

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