At home link retailers earn two thousand yuan a month

          Chen Feiyang sat in front of the computer, the QQ head flashed, and sent a message, almost all are looking for him to buy links work, at present, Chen Feiyang monthly by selling links to the income of 2000 yuan, this emerging industry is a new job all sorts of occupations with Chongqing net, pig Witkey network ( for the launch of the link retailers.

yesterday, Chen Feiyang, 21, was selling Web links via an Internet site at an Internet cafe in guanyin. He just one count, a month, a total credit of 2100 yuan own. He said that in May this year, he was in a forum accidentally found someone selling links, forum friends told him that for some individual owners, in order to increase traffic and search engine rankings, the site posted some of the super link is very necessary.

After learning the information,

began to become interested in learning computers. After a detailed inquiry, Chen Feiyang decided to start selling links himself. In late June, Chen Feiyang marked the links between his three websites and his friends’ two websites and sold them on a forum. At the end of the sale, he wrote his QQ number.

luck follows. Chen Feiyang recalled: the next few days, every day he added his QQ, at most 12 people, at least 2 people. His links to 5 websites were quickly snapped up.

he pinch afterwards: five links to websites earned about 300 yuan of money: one of his website, the PR value of 5 (by comprehensive evaluation of Google website influence, the total score is 10), the market price of 40 yuan for each link. He will be 10 links to this website to sell 10 website to buy his website link, a month to give him 100 yuan; another 3 PR value for 3 sites, each link is priced at 8 yuan, three sites he sold a total of 20 links, harvest 160 yuan. Another PR value of 2 of the site, each link is priced at 2 yuan.

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