Black chain rampant website data security should be strengthened

a few days ago, in helping a multinational enterprise website program, in the Internet to find a few of their counterparts web site as a reference. Since it’s basically English based, so use Google’s translation tools. I found that many foreign web site was hung Shijijishi ranging from bad black links. Black links as the name suggests is improper links, because most of the black links are links of "unhealthy" sites, a site that appears too many black chains, will eventually lead to search engines banned. Because no search engine likes such a disgraceful approach.

coincidentally, recently, the author’s company, some customers’ Web site, there are different amounts of black links, which had to cause us enough attention. Part of the previous hacker is to reflect their achievements, and mischievous black other people’s Web site, and later developed to some sites to coerce, and even steal customer data. But the prevalence of black links, this disgraceful grey hat approach, seems to have allowed hackers to find new profit points. Baidu suddenly realized, and now the black link seems to have become an industrial chain. Someone in charge of technology, was responsible for the sales of black links, but also called "dark chain".

for those PR value is relatively high site, should pay more attention to prevention. A new site, its weight is not high, the link will not play much role, but PR in more than 4 of the site, hackers can take to hang the black chain to make money. Perhaps inadvertently, your site has been hung on the chain of bad information, and this kind of chain is generally not found, unless you are very professional technical staff.

for black chain rampant, the only thing we can do is to strengthen the website data security, timely and regular inspection of your website. In fact, the operation is also very simple, that is, in the blank space of the page, click the right mouse button to view the web page source file, you can find the problem in time to repair. Now black chain even rampant, not only in the home page hang, a lot of inside pages also hung bad information. Regular and unscheduled data backup is also very important. After all, it’s a waste of time to find the black chain and check the pages to delete them. If you have a backup file, simply overwrite the original source.

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