From the station that learns to climb to learn to walk

07 years in September to do a film and television category website, after positioning the general goal, immediately began a variety of preparation before the business: registration domain name, buy virtual host, learning simple static page production. Remember to follow En Online step-by-step learning Dreamweaver, soon began to feel about making official website. Along with the first edition of the online, it was soon born. In my computer on this machine still retains its original "shadows". Although it seems to me to blush today, I was quite excited (I had my own website) and was as silly as a child.

is not content very quickly. Only a few static pages turn around there. Decided to introduce dynamic design and started learning the access database. (at this time but also do not know how to collect data, so all data by manual input) until the end of the dynamic version of program design based on access+dreamweaver architecture, and in the machine input a number of programs, together with the online version second was officially launched. A line I dumbfounded. What happened? The program that runs very fast on this computer, uploaded to the virtual space, is full of snails that haven’t eaten for a long time. It turned out that the virtual host not only limited the size of the space, concurrent connections, but also limited the occupancy rate of the server’s cpu. It is no wonder that such a problem arises. But after all, the problem is still to be solved. It was decided to automate all the dynamic pages. In a word, but in order to achieve this function, I can die a lot of brain cells. Ha ha, after such a treatment, all the problems gone with the wind. Then to each big search engine entrance registration, after a period of time, Baidu, Google, YAHOO have included my website. Remember, at the best of times, every day there were more than 1200 independent IP, a lot of sense of accomplishment.

after a period of time, feeling as a video website, posters and show no details too unreasonable, there is suspicion of manual input is too slow, decided to study automatic acquisition.

, on the one hand, wanted to redesign the program and, on the other hand, learned to automatically collect (the free version of the software used at that time), and it took a lot of time and effort. Program design is no problem, the most troublesome is automatic acquisition. First of all, the free version of the expression can only collect 300 records at a time, so after the collection, but also manual database merge. Secondly, the automatic collection will appear garbled problems, there are Japanese, Korean lead to garbled problems, there are some special punctuation will lead to garbled. When problems arise in the automation of these garbled search and page static generation: search will appear out of memory; static generation time, as long as there exists a garbled, the page is blank, nothing. But hundreds of garbled hiding in the article more than 30000 of the record, to find out easier said than done. >

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