Absolutely true network cheats diligence effort knowledge perseverance

facing the era of high-tech development, knowledge is power, knowledge is weapons, and knowledge can make us rich. Especially in the 21 world today, knowledge can change our destiny. Then, we can not help asking, what kind of knowledge can help us to open the door key to success?. Now let me tell you a true story. After reading this story, you’ll find out how important knowledge is, and how wonderful and rich the Internet is.

became attached to the Internet. It was the first month of the 06 year college entrance examination, and that was the month that changed my life. College entrance sprint stage, I am infatuated with the network, can also be said to be hopelessly in love with the network. In order to get to the Internet, I climb over the wall, over the school gate, escape class. This was because playing night over the wall was the teacher K, but the teacher blamed parents sigh, still can’t stop me online determination, because the network fascinates me.

after the exam I failed, leaving hometown came to the beautiful Shenzhen to work, started my working career. Life in Shenzhen is fairly well off, but the lack of knowledge to the knowledge I feel how important it is to see the students promotion is so fast, and I try to only a small staff of a small cannot again small, that’s when I feel the weight of knowledge. So I plan to leave Shenzhen and go back to my hometown to continue my study career. And that’s why my trip to Shenzhen changed my life.

in September 07, I went back to school and started another voyage of my life. Because I have poor grades in the college entrance examination, so no school is willing to take me in, I have to go to self-study. The self-study exam career is really bitter, half of the school originally I not only want to learn professional knowledge, but also to earn tuition and living expenses for their own expenses, the difficult life I have never experienced. I thought about looking for mom and Dad, but I knew it was my choice. At that time my parents didn’t approve of my going back to school, so they refused to give me the living expenses. Also because I go back to school, my mother and father almost ignored me, because in their eyes, I was a headache for their daughter. I was really hopeless at that time. Maybe the belief of studying supported me, so I didn’t fall down at that time. Maybe it was because of these experiences that I grew faster than other college students.

really started my network career, 07 years in November, that night I will never forget. Because that day and mom and dad just after the phone, and they quarrel, I did not sleep all night, went to the Internet bar. Open computer browsing the web when I see the network to make money, because I was very sensitive to make money this word, so I open the page look, is about the investment, that is what to pay 180 yuan on how much income guarantee. At that time I was very ignorant, think it is true, want to join, but the bag is shy, so did not join. Now think about the project as a lie. So, friends, it’s not worth a cent to see anything

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