Faith brings websites back to life

I really on my website has lost confidence, why? Because this site although a lot of effort, but included Baidu talk, only 3, after all, I used to maintain close mind for 3 years, the number of update has over 10000, you know, the 10 thousand but my heart to do, every one is careful editing, and then on the website of the

!A sudden change of

today, just about site, I found the "Ji’nan friends network (" has undergone tremendous changes, there are usually 3 to 9650, suddenly, I couldn’t believe my eyes, thought that the query is wrong, so the replacement of a new query software still, this is the data, I stayed, the first reaction is shouting: Baidu, long live! This feeling generally people don’t understand, I don’t feel as I hit the jackpot! You know, this website is my hard work after nearly 3 days of the world, I do! After Baidu blocked, now heavy back, I moved to


to summarize why Baidu will come back, I think there are several reasons:

: first I every day, although the number of less frequent, but I still unremittingly, have an idea in my mind: Baidu favored faithful person, as long as I work hard, pay, will return the


second: I pay attention to the original for the purpose of updating time, although the event is the same, but I will rearrange these news events according to an idea, basically are original, but at least is "pseudo original".

third: go to the major blog forum, post your own web site, drive related links, let Baidu know my website has been in someone’s heart management.

although these for some predecessors is very simple, is also a long talk, but I think you can adhere to this much, if not many, this is not the experience, but it is a kind of belief, faith let me to find


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