Another failed site planning for me

I’m not a webmaster, because you don’t have a can let you see the station, because I have been a failure, has recently experienced a failure to do stand experience, I start from now into the website, talk about my experience of failure.

06 years, I was born to do the idea of website, and pay action. But first, I just want to do a website, do not know what to do for the site, so the target for the novice, for me, the best do is simple website, choose to choose to choose my web site, I have learned from the Admin5 and behind the two place to study and learned from the web site has to do lazy and do too much, so I want to development that is not possible. High technology something I can’t do, I thought, decided to make a site navigation station of class, but I want to do industry site navigation, because of this I was understanding is the possibility and point of development.

The results of

I choose talent site navigation, because after the rise time Zhaopin, ChinaHR, talent website a get out of hand, provincial and municipal levels, even in a region, there are several talent websites are born, and many of the local Personnel Bureau joined the ranks, this provides a little space. It was my idea; the second reason is that the web site navigation site personnel class found in 06 years, not more than three, but do not, this is what I use Baidu, Google search found several days later, increased self-confidence but also for my thoughts.

I was casually chose a domain name, it is a very common, now also do not take out to say, also just bought a space, pick the cheapest program, I can not write, did not know what the site program, because I am a novice in the novice. Hao123 provides the download under their web site a modified, just got three days or so, I put the net ready, but I do not know what SEO, haven’t even heard of, do not know the flow from there, that people want to Baidu included, I also think so, and I put the URL in each QQ group sent again, the maximum flow record is 179 IP a day. Three days after the on-line station, I actually can search from Baidu to the station, probably because the program is all HTM get, and there is a web site to fill their own, so it is very suitable for the spider at that time.

if I continue to do their pure HTM to do with the site, and keep updated, maybe I have done a good job, but I did not, because I think this pure HTML is very troublesome, so download a ASP web site program, hang up results. Second days is not to search my station, from the collection to completely disappear, time less than 7 days. Since then, my stand has been devastated. Later, I bought a new domain name. According to the name of the meter, I named the station good work, but I can’t find any confidence

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